Teen Titans Go! Movie Motion Poster Confirms Voice Cast

A new motion poster has released for the upcoming Teen Titans GO! movie, revealing the animated film's main voice cast. As a comedic continuation of the old Teen Titans series from the early 2000s - with virtually no actual continuity, though, aside from the principal voice cast - Teen Titans GO! premiered in 2013 and had, unfortunately, replaced the fan-favorite series Young Justice (which is making a surprise comeback next year) and the short-lived Green Lantern: The Animated Series as part of Cartoon Network's revamped lineup.

Although many longtime comic book fans, particularly fans of the Teen Titans comics, have taken issue with the cartoon series, there's no denying that the show has proven fruitful for Cartoon Network. And that's why the network's corporate sister divisions Warner Bros. and Warner Animation Group are adapting the animated series into a feature film, scheduled to bow next summer. However, it was unclear how closely associated with the TV series the movie would be, but now it seems like fans of the cartoon can rest easy knowing their favorite voice actors will be returning.

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The official Twitter account for the Teen Titans GO! movie debuted a new motion poster (below) for the animated film this morning, showing Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy standing/sitting atop the Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles. Furthermore, the motion poster confirmed the principal voice cast: Scott Menville (Robin), Hynden Walch (Starfire), Khary Payton (Cyborg), Tara Strong (Raven), and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), as well as Will Arnett and Kristen Bell.

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The main five voice actors are presumably reprising their roles from the cartoon (and the original Teen Titans series from 2003), thus indicating some sort of continuation of the animated series. What's interesting, though, is the inclusion of Will Arnett and Kristen Bell, two well-known actors who have no connection to either cartoon series. However, both of them have voiced famous characters over the past few years. Arnett voiced Batman in both The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie, whereas Bell voiced Princess Anna in Frozen and will be reprising her role for Frozen 2, due out in 2019. At the moment, though, it's unclear which characters they will be playing, but it would certainly be interesting if Arnett were to voice Batman once again.

Although the Teen Titans GO! movie doesn't release until July 2018, it seems that things are moving smoothly behind-the-scenes. And now, fans of the superhero team can enjoy yet another project coming out next year, following the return of Young Justice and the anticipated debut of the live-action Titans TV show.

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