Teen Titans GO! Reminds Fans That Deadpool Rips Off Deathstroke

Warner Bros. Canada takes advantage of Deadpool 2's release this weekend to promote Teen Titans GO! To The Movies and remind people that Deathstroke came first. Will Arnett voices Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator in a playfully provocative video, leveraging Deadpool 2’s strong critical and profitable reception with the incriminating accusation that everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth is, in reality, a ripoff of DC’s unstoppable masked assassin.

While Warner Bros. is clearly engaging in some well-natured ribbing, there’s more truth to the video than its light-hearted nature seems to suggest. For instance, the most obvious comparison is their names - Deadpool's Wade Wilson is all too similar to Deathstroke's Slade Wilson, although he’s referred to in the Teen Titans GO! cartoon simply as “Slade" - and then there's also the two character’s signature double blades. The fact is, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was an avowed fan of Marv Wolfman and George Pérez’s super villain, patterning his creation directly off Deathstroke, who first appeared in DC Comics 11 years before Deadpool did in Marvel Comics. And now, Warner Bros. is reminding people of that fact.

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David Leitch's Deadpool 2 hits theaters today and Warner Bros. Canada is taking the opportunity to promote their upcoming film Teen Titans GO! To The Movies while also hilariously providing a bit of background information for casual moviegoers who may confuse DC's Deathstroke for Marvel's Deadpool. Take a look:

Will Arnett recently performed the voice of the character Batman in 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie, which included a brooding self-obsessed pride that might be something of a trademark for many of his roles. Here, he menacingly claims that, “It’s time to drain the pool,” yet makes sure to quickly follow it up with, “But sure, go see his movie, because it comes out before mine.” As far as Ryan Reynolds goes, he's previously been game to join in the Deadpool/Deathstroke conflict with his own comments, confusing himself for fellow actor Ryan Gosling.

It’s hard to blame Warner Bros. for wanting to bank on Deadpool 2’s success, even with such blatant coat-tails tugging; the sequel recently broke Thursday night R-rated box office records with a $15 million-plus estimated take. With Teen Titans GO! To The Movies releasing in just over two months from now, they’re going to start ramping up their marketing campaign for the film soon, which means riding the wave of Deadpool 2's opening weekend.

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Source: Warner Bros. Canada

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