Teen Titans GO Responds To Deadpool's DCEU Joke

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As Deadpool 2 nears release all eyes are on the last official trailer, where the titular character drops a good-natured joke at the DCEU's expense. Now, Ryan Reynolds has gotten a direct response about the quip from a surprising source, as the Twitter account for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies attempted to remind him of his past as a DC superhero.

The original Deadpool movie had a direct reference to Reynolds' short tenure as Hal Jordan in 2011's Green Lantern, as prior to being transformed he begs "Please don't make the suit green. Or animated!". Deadpool 2 seems to be continuing the trend for snarky disses about Marvel's rival movie universe, although it should be noted that certain jokes in the Deadpool 2 trailers won't make the theatrical cut. When confronted with Cable (Josh Brolin) and a particularly devastating insult, Reynolds comes back with; "So dark, are you sure you're not from the DC universe?"

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But apparently DC's Teen Titans - and its version of the Green Lantern Corps - aren't going to take that lying down. The upcoming movie, which is based on the popular Teen Titans Go! animated show, sent Reynolds a comeback over Twitter. Showing a GIF of John Stewart (voiced by rapper Lil Yachty) indicating that they don't talk about the Green Lantern movie anymore, the account reminds him of his cinematic history. It calls him out by saying "... caught your new @deadpoolmovie trailer. Never forget — before you became a @Marvel character, you were part of the @DCComics universe." You can see the post below:

It's all good-natured and pretty funny for fans of both movie universes. The animated callback for DC's own dud is a nice bit of self-satire as well. However, the criticism of Reynolds is not strictly true. Well before his starring role in the 2011 DC film, he had already played two Marvel characters onscreen. The most obvious one is the early disastrous interpretation of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, where the Merc with a Mouth had his mouth actually removed. The other one, which has been perhaps forgotten about, is Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity in 2004. That one featured Reynolds as the foul-mouthed victim of the vampire clans who then joined the Nightstalkers to kill the bloodsuckers. It's not that close to the comic-book version of the character, but he is still a Marvel 'hero'. So, it's maybe best not to examine the facts in that response too closely.

Does this mean there will a Twitter war-of-words between Reynolds/Deadpool and the cartoon Teen Titans? Maybe Wade's new buddy Peter could get in on the action? In the meantime, the shade-throwing is entertaining and the real winners are fans of the characters. The success of Deadpool 2 is almost assured, with advance ticket sales breaking records. Plenty of fans are also looking forward to the Teen Titans' surreal treatment of the movie world in their film as well, which includes plenty of self-referential funnies. We'll bring further updates about both movies - and this possible online 'feud' - as we get them.

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