Teen Titans GO! Animated Film Gets a Summer 2018 Release Date

2018 looks to be the year of the sidekicks, as the Teen Titans GO! animated series will be heading to theaters for a new film. Since their debut in the '60s, the Teen Titans have been one of DC's most popular teams in the comics. That love finally made its way to TV when Cartoon Network launched an animated series in the early aughts. Despite its acclaim amongst fans, the show was canceled after 5 seasons only to be followed by Teen Titans GO! Luckily, the zany style of the new series also proved to be a hit with fans.

Now in its fourth season, Teen Titans GO! has maintained its sense of irreverence even as other DC TV shows have grown darker. Following the adventures of Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire, the short episodes pack in a lot of references and jokes. As such, it's almost impossible to imagine the show divorced from its truncated format. DC and Warner Bros, however, seem to feel otherwise.

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According to a release from Warner Bros. a Teen Titans GO! animated film will be coming to theaters on July 27, 2018. It also looks as if this will replace the previously untitled animated film that was announced for June 1 of next year.

As of now, there's no other information regarding the film. While it's not hard to imagine the move would appeal to DC and Warners, it's unknown how the quick format of the TV show will be turned into a feature film. Still, it's clear that DC is eager to capitalize on a younger audience of fans and Warner Bros. likely sees the series as a contender for the LEGO Movie market.

In the meantime, 2018 looks to be packed full of Teen Titans content. Titans will arrive sometime next year on DC's new digital streaming service, with casting for the show almost complete. Alongside the live-action series, a number of the Titans will be back for season 3 of Young Justice, which features a similar conceit to Titans and will air on the service as well.

With the Teen Titans GO! movie locked into a release date less than a year away, it's likely we'll learn more soon. It could also prove to be a send-off for the show, as a fifth season hasn't yet been announced.

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Teen Titans GO! will arrive in theaters on July 27, 2018

Source: Warner Bros.

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