Teen Titans: 20 Fan Castings Better Than What We Got

Titans just finished its first season run on DC universe. Longtime fans of the superhero team have been waiting decades to see their favorite teenage heroes make their way to the live action world. The team began in the '60s but didn't really reach the pinnacle of their popularity until Marv Wolfman's take on the team. His incredibly successful "New Teen Titans" brought the team into the same legendary arena that their superheroic mentors in the Justice League were in. The run brought characters like Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg into the roster who would go on to be synonymous with the team. Wolfman also introduced legendary villains like Deathstroke, Trigon, and Blackfire who would repeatedly prove themselves as worthy adversaries to the team.

While the new series took several cues from the famous pages of decades of Teen Titans stories, the show also took a lot of liberties with the characters and storylines. While some of the characters got welcomed fresh takes, others didn't live up to their legendary comic counterparts. Other characters didn't even make it into the first season at all. The show took a scattershot approach to its first season that didn't cover a lot of ground. While this may have disappointed some that were hoping to see their favorite characters represented, this also leaves the door wide open for them to appear in the seasons that have yet to come.

There were several issues with the first season but for many fans, the problems start with the casting choices. While a fledgling television series can't quite court A-list movie stars, there were definitely plenty of television stars who could've been brought into the superhero show.

Here are 20 Teen Titans Fan Castings Better Than What We Got.

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20 Robin - Dacre Montgomery

Reviews of new Robin actor Brenton Thwaites haven’t been as mixed as some of the other casting choices but that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be room for improvement. Up and coming actor Dacre Montgomery has been making headlines the last few years. His leading role in Saban's Power Rangers (2017) may not have been the big break for his career that he was hoping for, but his turn as the villainous Billy in Netflix's Stranger Things showed that he has star power after all.

He was already a great teenage sociopath once, so he could definitely do it again. Titans' version of the character is a much darker, more psychologically damaged take on the character. Montgomery's boyish good looks and wild-eyed intensity would make him a perfect choice for this new take on Robin.

19 Starfire - Logan Browning

The first set photos of the Titans version of Starfire led to a very vocal uproar from fans across the internet. Fans were not pleased with the costume choice or the character's wild pink hair. It seemed like a huge departure from the classic comic version of the character. Luckily, the series was able to pull off their version of the character better than many expected they would. Many greatly enjoyed Kory's amnesia storyline and her awesome action sequences. Yet some were still left wanting.

Actress Logan Browning may have had better luck with the character. Not only has she led her own series, Netflix's Dear White People, but she also has experience playing a television superhero. She played a very similar character to Starfire when she portrayed Zora in Playstation's short-lived Powers television series. After playing one purple wearing character who can manipulate light, what challenge could there be playing another one?

18 Beast Boy - Cole Sprouse

Titans has surprised a lot of people with some of their impressive action sequences and fresh takes on popular characters. One aspect that the series hasn't gotten a lot of attention for is their take on the character of Beast Boy. While their take on the character is perfectly acceptable, it hasn't challenged the original take on the character as much as others have been.

Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse may have provided a solution to this problem. His turn as Jughead has proven that not only does he have a wide appeal to modern audiences but that he can also show teen angst in a way that is not only believable but actually entertaining. His longtime role as a child actor in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody proves that he also has the comedic chops to step into the shoes of the team's famous comic relief. Though no one yet knows if Sprouse could record an epic R&B single like the Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go!

17 Raven - Kiernan Shipka

The actor choice that is by far the most controversial is that of the Titans actress Teagan Croft as Raven. Many fans and critics alike do not feel as though the actress successfully handles the intense emotional range the character requires.

Sadly, another actress proved last year that she could have easily filled that role. Initially, the actress was known for her supporting role as Don Draper's daughter in the AMC series Mad Men. Actress Kiernan Shipka surprised everyone in her turn as the main character in Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In that series, she proved that she was more than up to the task of portraying a character who was discovering magical powers while being hunted by an ancient evil. That casting change, unfortunately, does little to solve the CGI problem Titans had at portraying her soul self.

16 Donna Troy - Adelaide Kane

Donna Troy (or Wonder Girl as she was originally known) was one of the most famous Teen Titans. Not only was she one of the founding members of the original version of the team, but she was also the focal point of some of the franchise's finest stories. The comic "Who Is Donna Troy?" was one of the most famous issues of Marv Wolfman's famous "New Teen Titans" run.

While it was surprising that the series used the character, it was still a little disappointing that she didn't have a larger role to play. It's possible that actress Adelaide Kane could've made a larger impression. She's certainly made an impression on fans of her CW series Reign. She plays Queen Mary Stewart on that series. If she can play English royalty, she can easily play an adopted daughter of the Amazons.

15 Cyborg - Algee Smith

Fans were very disappointed when they saw that fan-favorite character Cyborg wouldn't be in the Titans lineup. The character has made waves for decades ever since his first appearance in Marv Wolfman's "The New Teen Titans." Since then he has been a staple of not only that team but also the Justice League. He was even featured in the 2017 Justice League movie played by Ray Fisher.

Most fans figured his larger role in the DCEU was why he wasn't chosen to take part in the small screen adaptation of his primary superhero team. Then DC Universe surprised everyone again by announcing that the character would be included in their Titans spin-off Doom Patrol. While famous Titan Beast Boy is known for his start on that famous DC team, Cyborg wasn't associated with them. If Cyborg had been permitted to join his teammates in Titans, actor Algee Smith could easily have fit into the role. Between his roles in Detroit and The Hate U Give, Smith has more than proven he could step into Vic Stone's metal shoes.

14 Superboy - Alex Pettyfer

Titans made a huge splash in its season finale when it revealed that the Conner Kent version of Superboy would be appearing in the series. The character may not have featured in Wolfman's "New Teen Titans" series were the tv show seems to get most of its inspiration, he was a big part of not only the Geoff Johns run on the superhero team and the series Young Justice which is an extraordinarily similar concept featuring many of the same characters.

While we have yet to see what kind of Superboy the series might be going for, actor Alex Pettyfer has proven that he'd be more than up for the task. He's led big super-powered adventures like I Am Number Four and the sci-fi film In Time. He could easily sell the Superman style feats of strength and power the character requires. Not only that but he also has that super jawline all Kryptonians need.

13 Kid Flash - Nick Robinson

It may be because of CW's popular superhero series The Flash that Titans was robbed of one of their most famous members. Sure, the name "Kid Flash" may be a little silly, but Wally West proved time and time again that he was one of the most interesting of the core cast. It's a shame that he didn't make the cut for the television adaptation, but he certainly could in the future.

If he does, actor Nick Robinson could easily speedster it up for the DC Universe series. He was the star of Love, Simon and also one of the main characters of the mega-successful reboot Jurassic World. He's shown that he has the comedic and dramatic chops to play the second most famous speedster superhero. The man showed he could outrun dinosaurs, what challenge could playing Kid Flash possibly be after that?

12 Speedy - Dylan Minnette

Roy Harper has long been one of the more interesting superhero sidekicks. He's not only full of a healthy share of attitude and angst but also has featured in several famous DC storylines. His most famous moment was when his mentor catches him shooting up heroin in Neal Adams' famous "Green Lantern/Green Arrow" run. If you're wanting to make a gritty reboot of a superhero team, having an addict on the squad is a solid addition.

If the character ever does grace the series, 13 Reason Why actor Dylan Minnette could play him nicely. Over the years, he has built a career off of playing intense teenage characters. Roy Harper would be a nice one to add to his collection. Though there's no telling how good his archery skills are. That or his salmon ladder skills. You can't play a television archer superhero without being able to do a good salmon ladder routine.

11 Aqualad - Shameik Moore

Aqualad may have been a founding member of the original Teen Titans team, but the most popular version of the character was created for the series Youn Justice. With the surprising success of the DCEU's Aquaman late last year, it would be natural if they chose to introduce the Kaldur'ahm version of the character into their flagship series.

If they do decide to go that way, Dope actor Shameik Moore could easily do justice to the part. He has shown that he has a wide range from portraying Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse to his role as Shaolin Fantastic in The Get Down. He'd be more than able to portray a literal fish out of water like Kaldur. Also, having one of the main characters of their animated series in their most famous live-action series is just good synergy for DC Universe. Businesses love synergy, right?

10 Terra - Katherine Langford

Ask pretty much any fan of Teen Titans what the best story arc for the team is and they will almost definitely say “The Judas Contract”. The landmark storyline featured a new Titan named Terra who could control rocks and the Earth. She was eventually revealed to be a spy for Deathstroke and helped him defeat and take the Titans.

It stands to reason that the television series will probably attempt to adapt this storyline at some point in the future. When they do, they will need an actress capable of pulling off the complex Terra character. She needs to at first be lovable and then borderline sociopathic. 13 Reasons Why actress Katherine Langford would be perfect for the role. She has shown that she has the ability to show true vulnerability and bitter anger. There’s nothing more Terra than that.

9 Deathstroke - Stephen Lang

The Titans have many villains, but only one arch nemesis. For that title, there is only one true candidate, Slade Wilson or as he’s often known as, Deathstroke the Terminator. Slade is a tactical genius who is capable of more mental and physical capabilities than most men. He’s a fierce warrior who is capable of taking on the entire team at once. He even took out the X-men in the famous crossover one shot.

While actors Manu Bennett and Joe Manganiello have already appeared as the character but Avatar actor Stephen Lang would be perfect for the tv series. The actor has played so many grizzled military men that taking on Slade would be a walk in the park.

8 Batman - Jim Caviezel

One of the biggest surprises in the series was the revelation that they would be introducing a darker, more intense Batman. Fans were extremely excited for the finale which showed Batman having finally snapped and took out all of his former villains.

While the show copped out and made the entire thing a dream sequence with a faceless Batman, there’s no reason they couldn’t get an actor to portray Bruce Wayne fully. Jim Caviezel definitely has the chops to pull off this darker Dark Knight. His time as Reese in Person of Interest was basically just an extremely long Batman audition. Bonus points if Michael Emmerson gets to play the Riddler.

7 Hawk - Clive Standen

Out of all the gritty reimaginings, the series tried its hand at, arguably the most successful was the handling of D-List superheroes Hawk and Dove. These washed up superheroes who were way in over their heads proved a nice contrast to Robin but still could have been better.

Had they been older characters instead of contemporary ones, they could’ve shown Robin a possible future if he continued his superhero ways. If they had gone with this approach, Vikings actor Clive Standen would’ve been a perfect choice. Playing intense, lovable jerks is his bread and butter. He’s also not bad in a heavily choreographed fight scene either. Hey, they don’t let just anyone play a young Liam Neeson. That should be enough right there.

6 Dove - Katheryn Winnick

Hawk grabbed most of the spotlight in the first season, which was a shame. Dove is just as interesting but she was mostly relegated to love interest duties. Minka Kelly did a fine job with the character but it was often surprising that she would be able to make it as a streetwise crime fighter.

Katheryn Winnick would have no problem proving that, however. She portrays fan favorite warrior woman Lagartha in Vikings. Crime fighting would seem like a vacation compared to a bloody Viking battlefield. She also has terrific chemistry with Clive Standen making it all the more perfect.

5 Trigon - Dennis Haysbert

The show spent most of its first season setting up the villainous demon Trigon the Terrible. In the comics, Trigon is pretty much the most horrifying incarnation of evil imaginable. The portrayal thus far in the series has fallen a little short of that high bar. Of course, he hasn't yet appeared in full demon form. When the character makes his grand CGI entrance, the series is going to need a powerful voice to pull off a demon lord.

Dennis Haysbert has the kind of commanding voice to pull off a character as monstrously imposing as Trigon. He’s famous for roles in The Unit, 24, and a series of insurance commercials. As far as Trigon goes, he’d be in good hands with Haysbert.

4 Doctor Light - Peter Stormare

The Titans have a lot of notable villains. One of their most recurrent throughout the years has been the supervillain Doctor Light. While the character may be more famous for his over the top villainy in the DC event “Infinite Crisis” for a small time in his history he was more known for his position as leader of the Fearsome Five.

The character could prove to be another great villain for outstanding character actor Peter Stormare to tackle. He’s proven his worth as a five-star creeper for decades in movies like Fargo, Constantine, and John Wick: Chapter 2. Most recently he appeared as Czernobog in American Gods. Few actors could bring that right level of psychotic creep that Doctor Light requires as well as Stormare could.

3 Gustaf Skarsgard - Brother Blood

One of the other main villains that have terrorized the Titans over the decades was Brother Blood. A leader of both a cult that operated on the island nation of Zandia, Blood proved himself to be a very formidable opponent to the team.

Among his many villainous accomplishments were brainwashing Nightwing and Raven, being resurrected, and nearly eliminating the entire team several times over. Vikings actor Gustaf Skarsgard is very good at playing religious fanatics. His creepy and intense performance as the devout Floki shows he would be perfect as Brother Blood.

2 Blackfire - Alexandra Shipp

Blackfire is one of the most fascinating of the various Titans villains. She is Starfire’s evil sister and is often shown conspiring against Kori in order to gain control of Tamaran, their homeworld. It seems doubtful that the series wouldn’t introduce Blackfire at some point in the series given how epic her many battles with her sister have been.

X-Men: Apocalypse actress Alexandra Shipp would have no problem playing such a complex and intense character. Playing Storm, she’s proven she can bring the CGI colored power when she needs to. Portraying Blackfire is going to require shooting a lot of light her hands. Shipp definitely has plenty of experience doing that.

1 Mad Mod - David Tennant

Mad Mod was one of the first Titans villains and is still one of the silliest. Unlike many of the franchise’s villains, Mod fell into relative obscurity for decades. While he has had a few sparse appearances over the years, it wasn’t until the Cartoon Network version of the character where he really gained popularity.

While the standard silly version of the character would be very out of place on Titans, the writers could easily re-imagine him into a more interesting character. Every superhero show can use a Joker stand-in and Mod could easily be the one for Titans. David Tennant could play Mod better than pretty much any modern actor could. His captivatingly creepy turn as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones is all the proof anyone would need that he has what it takes to be an amazing, scene-stealing villain. Really though, is there any series that wouldn’t be better with David Tennant? The man has played the Doctor and Scrooge McDuck. He’s an international treasure.


How do you feel about Titans season one? Did the casting choices work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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