Every Teen Titans Member, Officially Ranked

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray art and details

It is a great time to be a fan of the Teen Titans. The DC Comics superteam just had a new movie hit theaters in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, which ended with a post-credit stinger that teases the return of a beloved animated television series.

There is also a live-action series called Titans coming to the new DC streaming service and a new storyline playing out in DC Comics Rebirth with Damian Wayne in charge.

Add in the fact that the Teen Titans replaced the Justice League when it came to the DC Comics animated movie universe slate, and it is clear that the teenage superheroes are as popular as ever.

The Teen Titans have also been around for a very long time. The group first appeared in the '60s as a team of sidekicks with Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad leading the way.

In the '80s, the New Teen Titans presented the most critically acclaimed version of the team with Marv Wolfman penning the adventures of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg.

There have been many other versions, with one team morphing into Young Justice, and even the New 52 and DC Rebirth have made sure to add Teen Titans groups to their universes.

Throughout it all, there have been some iconic - and not so iconic - members of the team of teenage warriors.

Here is a look at Every Teen Titans Member, Officially Ranked.

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The Wonder Twins
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The Wonder Twins

On the cartoon Teen Titans Go!, Zan and Jayna of the Wonder Twins came to apply for membership in the group.

While Jayna was accepted as a full-fledged member, the same couldn't be said for Zan. Instead, the Teen Titans made Zan their receptionist.

The problem is that Zan's only power was turning into water.

However, Jayna was able to turn into any animal she could think of, making her more valuable - albeit the exact same as Beast Boy.

While the duo is best known from the Super Friends cartoon, they also appeared occasionally in the comic book based on the cartoon as well.


Very little is known about Roadhouse, as he is a brand-new member of Damien Wayne's new Teen Titans team.

The young man seems like this team's version of Beast Boy when it comes to attitude, as he brags about his followers on his Viewtube account.

Roundhouse, whose real name is Billy Wu, can contort his body into a ball and gain superhuman speed, durability and strength - strong enough to smash cars.

While the promise is there, Roundhouse has a lot to prove before he can be ranked as one of the best Teen Titans.


When Damien Wayne started his new Teen Titans team, he chose another unknown hero to join the ranks.

Compared to the character of Raven, Djinn in the magic user in the group.

Not only does she have magical powers, but her powers are considered limitless at this time.

Her powers include flight, immortality, shape-shifting, teleportation, and wish granting.

While the members of Damien's team are teens, Djinn is supposed to be a genie that has lived for over 4,000 years but is also in the body of a teenage girl and faces an interesting duality that has been fun to watch play out.


The new Teen Titans team has a member that had every chance of failing but ended up being one of the best of the three newly created characters.

This character is a girl named Crush and - somehow - she is the daughter of Lobo, the alien bounty hunter.

Much like her father, Crush wrecked havoc in her first appearance. She is a fireball and has her father's superhuman strength and durability.

Not only that, but she also isn't just the stereotypical kid with daddy issues, and instead knows who her dad is and has revealed that she will deal with him if the time comes.


Every Teen Titans Member Ranked

Phantasm is Danny Chase, the grandson of an American intelligent agent that was in an accident and was exposed to radiation during the Manhattan Project.

As a result of the radiation, his grandson Danny was born with telekinetic powers and was trained in espionage by his parents.

The problem with Phantasm is that he was arrogant and very quick to anger.

While the Teen Titans helped him save his parents, and that led to him joining them, he considered himself superior to the team and he was never a good team player.

However, he had an honorable end, as he sacrificed himself to free Raven from a possession that turned her against the Titans.


Every Teen Titans Member Ranked

Aquagirl was one of two members of the Aqua-family to join the forces of the Teen Titans. The lesser of the two was Lorena Marquez, who started her career as Aquagirl in 2004.

Her origin had her survive an earthquake where she was saved by Aquaman, who discovered that she could also breathe underwater.

Aquagirl joined the Teen Titans after the events of Infinite Crisis, but she wasn't a member for very long. She spent most of her Titans career arguing with Hawk.

She became much more important when rejoined in Teen Titans Vol. 3 #69, but due to her lack of experience, Wonder Girl fired her 19 issues later.


Natasha Irons from DC Comics

When Superman fell at the hands of Doomsday, four new versions of the Man of Steel appeared in the DC Comics Universe.

One of these was John Henry Irons, who later went by the name Steel.

However, the Teen Titans member is his niece Natasha, who took her uncle's place after an injury kept him from continuing his crimefighting career.

The big difference is that, at first, Natasha was very arrogant and believed herself better than others because of her armor-enhanced superpowers.

She ended up with real superpowers for a short time thanks to Lex Luthor (becoming Starlight) and joined up with the Teen Titans during that period of her life.

In DC Rebirth, she is a member of the Titans with the now adult members of the original teenage superteam.


Skitter joined up with the Teen Titans in 2011 when Tim Drake set out to find and try to help her.

He was also trying to protect her from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., an organization capturing and experimenting on superpowered children.

For Celine Patterson, her powers involve turning her into an insectoid-type creature that has superhuman strength and can shoot webs.

While Skittler and Bunker developed a close friendship as members of the Teen Titans, her career as a member of the group was shortlived.

When the team was sent to the Crucible during the Culling, Skitter was left behind.


Every Teen Titans Member Ranked

This isn't the first Power Girl (Kara Zor-L) that fans know from Earth-2. The character has also had appearances on the classic Justice League cartoons.

The Power Girl that was a member of the Teen Titans was Tanya Spears, who took over the role when the original hero returned to Earth-2.

Power Girl first displayed superpowers when Kara left to return to Earth-2 without knowing why she got them.

She ended up joining the Teen Titans in order to learn how to control and use her powers under the leadership of Tim Drake.

She left when Drake's team was disbanded and ended up disappearing in Deathstroke Vol. 4 Annual #1.


Out of all of the members of Tim Drake's Teen Titans, Bunker had possibly the most promise.

Born in Mexico, Bunker left home in his teens to try to find Red Robin and meets him and Skitter aboard a train.

N.O.W.H.E.R.E. had interest in him, but Bunker was able to help the Teen Titans defeat them and release the clone Superboy.

Bunker's powers include creating energy constructs with his mind. He was also a standout member of the team due to his orientation, as he's one of the few openly gay characters to serve with the team.

When DC Comics rebooted the Teen Titans, Bunker was missing in action and has yet to return.


Solstice From Teen Titans Pre New-52

Solstice is a Teen Titans member from India who has the power of photokinesis.

This ability allows her to generate bright blasts of energy from her hands.

Thanks to her parents' friendship with those of Wonder Girl's, she became friends with Cassie and the team came to her aid when her parents disappeared.

After this, she joined the Teen Titans and remained with this version of the team until their final mission before the events of Flashpoint.

Sadly, after Flashpoint, this version of Solstice never existed in the New 52, although a new Solstice joined the team after her incarceration at the hands of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.


Jericho DC

Jericho is a very interesting character and played a huge role in some of the New Teen Titans adventures in the '80s.

He also appeared in a small cameo role in the recent movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract as the victim who came back to life in the post-credit scene.

In the comics, Jericho is the son of Deathstroke - the child rendered mute after an enemy of Deathstroke's cut his throat.

His power is that of possession, which made his demise ironic as he ended up possessed by the demon Azarath.

He remained a hero to the end, asking his father to end his life to save him and his Teen Titans teammates.


There have been two Red Arrows, but this one is from the present day DC Comics continuity.

Making her first appearance in Green Arrow Vol. 5 #18, Emiko Queen is the half-sister of the Green Arrow.

However, she was raised by an assassin and never knew who her real father was.

While she was mostly a member of Team Arrow, she returned in 2017 as Red Arrow and ended up as a member of the Teen Titans.

She was also a romantic interest for Damien Wayne after she joined his new version of the team.


Terra Teen Titans The Judas Contract

Terra Markov might be the most controversial member of the Teen Titans team.

Introduced in New Teen Titans #26 in 1982, it turned out over time that Terra was a mole sent in to infiltrate the team and bring them down from the inside.

She developed a romantic relationship with Beast Boy and her betrayal devastated the entire group.

Her powers involved manipulating all forms of Earth and rocks.

Terra was also the main focus of the storyline in the animated feature movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, which retold the story of her betrayal, including her final sacrifice that saved the team she betrayed.


Hawk and Dove have been around for a very long time, first appearing as a duo in 1968 in the pages of Showcase #75.

However, the team has gone through many changes, including switching from two brothers to a male and female duo.

The idea behind them is that one of them represents peace, while the other represents aggression, and therefore the two evened each other out.

They were members of the original Teen Titans team in the '70s.

In the 1988 series Hawk & Dove, a girl named Dawn replaced the now fallen Don and the duo was back in action. It is this duo that appears to be part of the upcoming Titans TV show on the DC streaming network.


Kid Flash, Red Arrow, Bumblebee and Beast Boy in Teen Titans The Judas Contract

Interestingly, it is Bumblebee that is best-known in this husband and wife superhero duo thanks to her appearance in the Teen Titans animated series.

Bumblebee also appeared in the animated movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract as one of the original team members.

At the time of their membership in the Teen Titans, Bumblebee was the girlfriend of Titans member The Herald and took on the Bumblebee persona to attack the Titans so that her boyfriend could look heroic.

It impressed the Teen Titans enough that they invited her to join the team as well.

When they first joined, Herald could open portals, but in the new continuity, he has sonic abilities through his voice.

Bumblebee is basically DC Comics version of The Wasp, as she has similar powers. In the new continuity, she can shoot energy blasts from her hands.


Miss Martian animated in the desert

Miss Martian became hugely popular for mainstream audiences when she appeared as one of the most important characters in the Young Justice animated series.

She also recently appeared on the live-action Supergirl TV show.

However, before any of this, she was a member of the Teen Titans in the comic books.

Miss Martian was originally a member of the Teen Titans in the year between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later storyline.

At first, the Titans thought her to be a traitor, similar to Terra, but she turned out to be a strong ally. She has shapeshifting powers as well as telepathy.


Krypto and Superboy Kon-El

Superboy came to prominence when he appeared after the fall of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.

When Superman returned, he gave his blessing to the young hero - who happened to be a clone created to take the Man of Steel's place in case something happened.

Superman awarded him the name Kon-El, which soon became Conner Kent.

While many people know Superboy from the Young Justice cartoon, he was a member of the Teen Titans in the comic books.

In Teen Titans Vol. 3, Superman asks him to join the young team in order to develop human relationships and learn how to control his powers.


The first Red Arrow was Roy Harper, who has also gone by the name Speedy but is best known as Arsenal.

Fans of the Young Justice cartoon know him as the member who originally wanted nothing to do with the team when he realized that the Justice League was just leading them along when it comes to being more than sidekicks.

As Speedy, he was one of the early members of the Teen Titans team until that team disbanded.

After serious personal problems led to his split with Green Arrow, he began working as a government agent.

Through the years, Roy has worked on and off with the Titans on various missions, even leading the group at one point.


There have been two Aqualads, and both have been members of the Teen Titans group.

The first was Garth - one of the founding members of the team - who was a former sidekick of Aquaman. He has the same abilities as Aquaman but on a smaller level.

He worked with the Teen Titans for years and, in DC Rebirth, he is a member of the adult Titans as Tempest.

The second is one who Young Justice fans know - Jackson Hyde. He was a former henchman of Black Manta who turned good and became a leader in Young Justice.

While DC Rebirth has Garth as a member of the Titans, Jackson is still around as well and joined the Teen Titans.


Red Robin

Red Robin is Tim Drake - the third Robin. Drake is considered to be one of the smartest of Batman's partners and might be the best detective that ever worked as Robin.

He also was the only Robin who didn't join Batman after a tragedy or hardship in his life.

He was someone who truly wanted to be a detective.

This is the Robin who was a founding member of Young Justice and was eventually a leader of the team, working in that role until the timeline changed to the New 52.

In that timeline, Tim was a founding member of the Teen Titans and their leader as well.


When it comes to Wonder Girl, there have been two different women to take on the role and both were hugely important to the Teen Titans team.

The first was Donna Troy and she was a duplicate of Wonder Woman who was cursed to live many tragic lives.

She was one of the founding members of the original Teen Titans and actually is the person who suggested the team's name.Troy is now a member of the adult Titans.

The second Wonder Girl is Cassie Sandsmark, an actual Demigod and the daughter of Zeus.

She got her start as a member of Young Justice in the comics before joining the Teen Titans after that. She went on to become a leader for the team.


Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes

For many years, Blue Beetle was a full-fledged member of the Justice League. However, that was Ted Kord - the second Blue Beetle.

After his passing, a new Blue Beetle appeared in a young teenager named Jaime Reyes and brought fresh life to a character that had fallen to B-level status by his end.

Reyes ends up joining the Teen Titans and became a very integral member through the years.

He became so popular that he ended up as a major member of the team in the recent animated DC movie universe with the Teen Titans.


There have been a lot of versions of Kid Flash in the DC Comics Universe. Bart Allen was a big one that was a member of the Teen Titans for many years - taking the role from Wally West after Barry Allen gave his life in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Bart joined the Titans originally as Impulse and was one of the founding members of Young Justice. Bart returned in the New 52 as a Teen Titans member as well.

As for Wally West, he was one of the founding members of the original Teen Titans and served with them until he took on the role of The Flash following the passing of Barry Allen.

Finally, there is Wallace West - a relative of Wally West - who became a member of the Teen Titans in the New 52.


Cyborg has really gotten an upgrade in DC Comics following the Flashpoint event and the launch of the New 52.

Cyborg, who had always been an important member of the Teen Titans, suddenly became a founding member of the Justice League.

As of the DC Rebirth story, Cyborg is still in the Justice League.

However, head over to Teen Titans Go~, and Cyborg is still very important to the Teen Titans.

It is his relationship with Beast Boy that brings a lot of warmth and humor to the team.


Beast Boy

When it comes to the heart of the team, it is Beast Boy who provides the humor, the innocence and the joy of being a member of the Teen Titans.

Throughout the years, a lot of people have tried to be comic relief for the team, but everyone falls short to Gar Logan.

Whether it is his relationship with Cyborg, his relationship with Terra, or his reluctance to play the role of a leader, Beast Boy has always been a highlight.

Beast Boy joined in the New Teen Titans in the '80s as a green-skinned teen who could morph into any animal.

Since his debut, Beast Boy has always been connected with the Teen Titans, including in the New 52 and now DC Rebirth.


Damian Wayne is the son of Batman. He reluctantly joined the Teen Titans when Dick Grayson realized that he couldn't be left unsupervised and needed to learn how to develop friendships.

While Wonder Girl was against this, she relented and soon Robin was able to become a valuable team player until the return of Tim Drake.

While Damian was not a member of the Teen Titans in the New 52, he was in the DC animated universe, joining in Justice League vs. Teen Titans and remaining with the team.

Now, with DC Rebirth, it is Damian Wayne who is the leader of the Teen Titans.


Robin has always been a strong part of the Teen Titans. Both Tim Drake and Damian Wayne have been leaders of the group, but the Robin who started it all was Dick Grayson - the man now known as Nightwing.

Robin was a founding member of the original Teen Titans and then once again was the founding member of the New Teen Titans in the '80s.

As the former sidekick of Batman, Robin was the prototypical sidekick, making him the perfect hero for DC Comics to use as the face of the team of teenage superheroes.

It was in the pages of New Teen Titans that Dick finally became Nightwing and it is Dick who is the leader on Teen Titans Go! and the upcoming DC streaming service Titans show as well.


While they were not the first Teen Titans team in DC Comics history, the New Teen Titans in the '80s revolutionized the comic book company and gave them some of the best stories they had published in years.

These were not just former sidekicks, as only Robin took that role and the rest were fully formed new characters, with Raven being one of the standouts.

As the daughter of the demon Trigon, Raven was always fighting with her inner evil and remains one of the most powerful sorceresses in DC Comics.

At the same time, she has always been a loyal teammate that the Teen Titans could always count on.

In DC Rebirth, Raven was still a member and she remains one of the biggest names in the animated DC world as well.


While there have been some missteps along the way with how DC Comics has portrayed Starfire, she remains one of the strongest and most reliable members of the Teen Titans in the team's history.

Starfire is an alien who fled her world when her older sister overthrew the throne. She ended up on Earth and found a new family with the New Teen Titans.

Between her relationship with Dick Grayson to her leadership of the Teen Titans as a team, Starfire has always remained one of the most interesting characters on the team - and one of the most powerful.

In the animated DC Comics universe, she is the leader of the group, and in DC Rebirth, she was part of Damian Wayne's Teen Titans group.


What do you think? Who do you think is the best Teen Titan? Sound off in the comments!

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