Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee's Mom Says She Only Has 6 Months to Live

Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee's Mom Says She Only Has 6 Months to Live

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee's mother, Angie Douthit, says she only has six months left to live after being diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year. She recently told her daughters that the illness has spread throughout her body.

This past January, Douthit was diagnosed with brain cancer. What was initially thought to be bronchitis turned out to be three cancerous masses in her brain, one large mass in her lung, and multiple blood clots, McKee explained at the time. Douthit then had to undergo brain surgery. While her progress was looking good in March, things sadly took a turn for the worse earlier this summer. In May, McKee told her fans that her mom's cancer was spreading. The next month, Douthit shared an emotional post detailing her "new journey" with IV chemotherapy. Now, Douthit's updated her daughters on her latest prognosis.

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In an emotional new clip from Teen Mom OG, Douthit shared her updated diagnosis with her daughters, McKee and her sister Whitney. Douthit explained that the doctors told her the cancer has spread to different parts of her body, including her breast bone, hip bones, and half of her liver. It's also in the lymph nodes in her colon and lungs, and they found another tumor in her head, she explained. Douthit was very direct when she told her daughters that the doctors knew there was nothing they could do and that she only had six months left to live. Watch the clip below:

She added that the doctors said six months would be "really, really pushing it." That's when McKee held her head in her hands in shock at the devastating news. Her sister remained silent. Both weren't sure how to process this new information. That's when, in a heartbreaking moment, Douthit said the hardest part of all of this was knowing her grandchildren wouldn't remember her. McKee corrected her, saying of course her son, Gannon, would remember her, since she raised him the first three years of his life. Then Douthit said she hopes she's been a "good mom and a good nanny" and that her daughters will tell their kid about her "all the time." It's a really devastating and difficult scene to watch, followed by sentimental flashbacks of Douthit taking care of her grandchildren.

It's absolutely heart-wrenching to watch Douthit, McKee, and her family go through something like this. Despite all the pain and the terrifying medical diagnosis's, Douthit has leaned heavily on her faith to remain strong during this time. At the end of the new clip, she told her daughters, "the bigger the cancer, the bigger the miracle." 

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Source: MTV's Teen Mom

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