Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell Slams Farrah Abraham After Her Cheyenne Floyd Diss

Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell Teen Mom

Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell slams Farrah Abraham's demands that Cheyenne Floyd must leave the show in order so she can return. Abraham recently said she will only consider a return if there is an all-original Teen Mom cast and Lowell is standing up for her friend, Floyd, and says she'd rather not have Abraham on Teen Mom with her again.

Lowell and Abraham have been apart of each other's lives since they both met while on season 1 of 16 and Pregnant on MTV in 2009. They were two of the six pregnant teen girls that were featured. Lowell was only 16-years-old when filming began and Abraham was 17-years-old. Lowell and her boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, immediately stood out due to them being the only couple in the entire history of the franchise to choose the adoption route. Abraham chose to keep her baby and gave birth to her daughter, Sophia. The two moms continued to be co-stars on Teen Mom until season 7a when Abraham was fired from the show after persuing her career in the adult film industry. Lowell went on to star on Teen Mom OG. The two friends' strong personalities and differences in opinions caused them to clash and led a feud for many years.

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It seems that the feud is not even close to being over. Earlier this week Abraham began bashing MTV and their casting directors for picking cast members like Floyd to replace her. The former Teen Mom said the only way she would return to the show is if it was an all-original cast member season, which means newbie Floyd has to leave. Abraham then insulted Floyd by saying, "No one knows Cheyenne is on the show, let’s be real." On Thursday, September 12th, Lowell spoke to Us to defend her co-star and simultaneously slam Abraham. She said, "We love Cheyenne and she’s a better fit than Farrah was." Lowell continued, "She’s [a] respectful, loving and caring person, and finally all of us girls can sit on a couch, go out and just have fun with one another. We wouldn’t want it any other way."

Cheyenne Floyd Teen Mom

Lowell reiterated that she would "absolutely not" welcome Abraham back into the Teen Mom group. Her reasoning being: "She hasn’t changed as a person." Abraham often would get into huge arguments with her co-stars, family, and even crew-members while she was on the show. Lowell continued, "She even said she would only come back if things were her way." Lowell continued to slam Abraham, she said, "She’s still the self-righteous person - she always has been - and we don’t need that type of attitude in our loving group." Lowell went onto explain that the stark differences in personality between the two girls is the main problem. She continued, "Now, if she was a caring and loving person, maybe, but that’s just not who she is and Cheyenne is, and for that reason, all of us Teen Mom girls love Cheyenne." However, Lowell said she wouldn't petition against "train wreck" Abraham because it would be a "waste of her time," noting that her ex-co-star already did enough of that in the past.

Outspoken and opinionated Abraham may have ruined her chances of coming on the show by already causing drama between the castmembers due to her demands. It remains to be seen if Abraham will ever be welcome back on the show, or if she's too over-the-top for the MTV program. Then, of course, there would be the issue of how Abraham would be welcomed by the other Teen Mom cast members if she was brought back on. Fans will have to wait and see.

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