Teen Mom 2: Sheriff Confirms David Has Not Been Charged with Nugget's Death

David Easton and Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans's husband David Eason has reportedly not been charged with the death of her dog, Nugget, according to the local Sheriff. The couple was recently dropped by MTV, David for an alleged homophobic twitter rant, and Jenelle for David's alleged shooting of the family dog. MTV  is no longer documenting the couple and has no plans on covering the family in the upcoming season. David's admission of the killing of French Bulldog, Nugget, has fans outraged - and they are demanding justice.

David reportedly killed Nugget after the pup allegedly snapped at the couple's two-year-old daughter Ensley. Jenelle said that David then took her dog to the woods away from the house where he shot the animal. Just after, Jenelle went to Instagram to grieve her dog with a picture and a tribute. Child Protective Services in North Carolina has since become involved and due to safety concerns, have removed the couple's children, by temporarily suspending Jenelle and David's parental custody of the kids: 9-year-old son Jace (from Jenelle's previous relationship with Andrew Lewis), 4-year-old son Kaiser (from her previous relationship with Nathan Griffith), and 2-year-old daughter Ensley (with David). All have been placed with family members in the interim. That said, even if David and Jenelle are moving on from the tragedy, viewers of the show are still outraged and calling for justice, literally.

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According to a local WECT6 News report, Columbus County Animal Shelter has been receiving more calls than they can handle - reportedly more than 7,000 calls from all over the country (and even some outside of the US) since news broke in April about the killing of Nugget. Fans are demanding an investigation and justice for Nugget. Recently, the animal shelter has been receiving at least 100 calls a day regarding the slain dog.

The director of the animal shelter explains to outraged fans that, even though they mourn the loss of Nugget as well, the shelter is the wrong department to be leaving calls and messages - since the dog is already deceased. “And we still advise them that we are not in the process of handling that [incident] because a dog has supposedly been killed. Once the dog is killed, it’s no longer the department of Columbus County Animal Shelter, it becomes the department of the Sheriff’s department to investigate.”

However, it has been over a month since the Columbus Country Animal Shelter and the Sheriff's Department launched their investigation, and fans are angry since there has been little-to-no information being released about the case. Worse yet, this last week, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department said that as of today, there have been no charges filed against David in regards to the death of Nugget - suggesting to many fans that none will be forthcoming either. According to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department, the only way David would be further investigated for the death of Nugget is if Jenelle makes a report about it herself (the information Jenelle has shared to social media about the case does count). TMZ reports, a “source said it’s irrelevant to cops what Jenelle says on Instagram.” 

As of late, Jenelle has gone from feeling outraged to defending her husband's actions - which has made fans worry that she will never actually file a report against him. Especially after Jenelle took to Facebook on Father's Day to defend David in the wake of temporarily losing their children:

This channel is false and bunch of BS. You put my husband on the most frightening list when he was PROTECTING HIS CHILD...

Posted by Jenelle Eason on Friday, June 14, 2019

It remains to be seen if the former Teen Mom 2 star decides to take legal action against her husband, but until then fans worry there may never be justice for her late dog Nugget.

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Source: TMZ, WECT6

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