Teen Mom Fans Outraged as Jenelle & David Adopt Dogs Amid Shooting Drama

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2

It looks like even more dog drama could be headed towards former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason after they welcomed two new dogs into their lives. Jenelle and David had their children removed from the home following an incident where the family dog, Nugget, was shot and killed in front of the kids, though Evans recently welcomed her children back.

Jenelle faced major backlash for the actions of her husband, David. The family dog reportedly nipped their two-year-old daughter, Ensley, in front of David, which led to David shooting and killing the dog in the woods. In the days following the shooting, Jenelle not only lost her dog, but her gig with Teen Mom 2 and temporary custody of her three children. Still, Jenelle remained faithful to David and even went as far as to change her original statement, saying that he actually didn't shoot the dog and that it was all a publicity stunt. Now, the family has already moved on and adopted two new puppies.

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The news broke when David posted a video on YouTube introducing everyone to the new dogs, Buddy and Junior. They are Anatolian Shepherds, and David explained that the dogs were brought in to help protect the chickens and livestock on their farm. He claimed that the dogs are a livestock guardian breed and don't mind eating and sleeping with all of the other animals on their farm. TMZ reported that Jenelle told them there were no dogs in their possession two days prior to the video being posted. She also struggled to explain what happened to Nugget, saying that she never told the cops that David had killed the dog. Check out the video below:

When asked by TMZ what happened that fateful day in May when she recalled David taking Nugget outside after reportedly biting their daughter's face, she said that she walked outside and saw David "by the edge of the woods" She explained that David told her, "You don't want to come over here ... Your dog is not here anymore," which she assumed meant that the dog was dead. Jenelle has not seen the dog since. She also admitted to not having any dogs at the house, due to having to get rid of their pit bull after it attacked and killed a pig.

It came as a bit of a surprise that Jenelle and David moved on so quickly, adopting not one, but two dogs in the wake of Nugget's death. As fans are still demanding justice for the slain dog, it remains to be seen what kind of backlash Jenelle and David will get for going out and adopting two new puppies. Already, it seems the reaction is overwhelmingly negative, as the video already has nearly 500 dislikes compared to roughly 80 likes on the video of David introducing the dogs.

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Source: TMZ, David Eason

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