Teen Mom’s Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau Reportedly Living Together Again After Split

Teen Mom 2’s Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are reportedly back together and living with each other once again after their very public split.

Javi Marroquin on Teen Mom

Teen Mom’s Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are reportedly living together again after their split. The two have never been known to fight publicly, so it's nice for fans to see that they are getting along once again.

Marroquin is best known as the ex-husband of Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry. Marroquin still shares custody of his five-year-old son Lincoln with Lowry, allowing him to still appear on MTV’s show. He has made the news before for his arguments with past girlfriends, including being accused of dating his ex-wife because she was famous. Marroquin had also dated and been connected with other Teen Moms, such as Briana DeJesus and Leah Messer. Fans were aware that Marroquin and Comeau had a blowout fight at their house over the rumor that Marroquin was unfaithful, but he never admitted to doing any wrong.

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According to Us Weekly, the CrossFit trainer shared pictures of the same kitchen that he shared with Comeau as she had reportedly moved back in. The couple seems to be back as a unit in Delaware, raising their son, Eli Joseph. The move came weeks after a huge fight the two had over an alleged cheating scandal. Marroquin expressed his sorrow in a long letter in August to his fiancée, saying that he took her for granted and was sorry to have broken her heart. The emotional letter revealed to the love of his life that he would do everything in his power to become a better man for her.

Teen Mom’s Javi Marroquin

Marroquin’s ex-wife Lowry had alleged in the past that he had been unfaithful to Comeau while filming the October 1 episode. She insinuated that he even cheated on her while she was pregnant with their child. Lowry did announce all this inside gossip after she found out that the two were engaged, so some fans think that it may have been jealousy talking. The best-selling author told her podcast co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, that she would never marry Marroquin ever again - not that he even asked.

There is still no word from the teen dad if their engagement is back on and wedding bells are in the future. The father of two has since put his energy into his business and becoming a better man for his family, wanting to make sure he sets a good example for his children. It would seem that Marroquin’s love notes made an impression on Comeau, as she has seemingly welcomed him back with open arms, leaving fans with some hope of reconciliation.

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Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday at 8pm EST on MTV.

Source: Us Weekly

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