Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Mysteriously Loses Thousands, Blames Husband

Amber Portwood and Andrew Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood blames husband Andrew Glennon over the thousands of dollars that is reportedly missing from their joint bank account. The accusations have turned into a messy he-said, she-said battle. A source opened up about money being some of the motivation behind the couple's recent fight, which led to the domestic abuse charges.

Amber began her reality TV career back in 2009 when she was on the first installment of 16 and Pregnant. When MTV decided to do a follow-up show, Teen Mom, Amber remained. Viewers have watched on as she's struggled with being a teen mom and the relationships involved. She first started getting in hot water legally when she was seen abusing her then-fiancé, Gary Shirley, back in 2009. There was a follow-up investigation which revealed large amounts of drugs in her home. She was then charged with three counts of domestic violence and possession of a controlled substance, which led to Amber's first prison stay. Back in July, Amber got in trouble again with the law when she was accused of threatening her husband with a machete while they fought. The heated altercation turned physical while Andrew was holding their son, James. The Teen Mom is facing three felonies: domestic battery, domestic battery committed in the presence of a child, and criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon.

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As Amber awaits her trial, she is fighting for visitations with James and runs the risk of losing her gig with Teen Mom. The financial issues have started to weigh heavy on the couple, a source told Us, even before the alleged domestic abuse took place. The source said, "A lot of money went missing from Amber’s and Andrew’s joint bank account leading up to the fight." While it's unclear if or how Andrew may have spent the money, the source claims that a large part of the Teen Mom's money was spent "on inauthentic items at an auction." The source claimed that Amber was the sole bread-winner and that the only money Andrew was receiving was from his cut of the Teen Mom paycheck that he's only on "because of her." There were reportedly thousands going missing from the couple's joint bank account every month, with many unauthorized transactions being made all over the country.

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood

The source said, "Amber and Andrew became aware of their joint bank account being manipulated," and they both "agreed the best thing to do was to suspend that account and transfer the funds. She insisted on removing all the money from their joint account and buying a safe." This is when the star began getting "suspicious" of her husband. The source opened up about Amber's attitude toward money, saying, "Amber is very trusting, so at first when she noticed there was some money gone she did not want to make an issue out of it even though she is fully supporting their family financially." However, the expenses and spending eventually became too much and it started becoming a bigger issue.

Since there are still tens of thousands of dollars missing without any reason, it's anyone's guess as to what might have happened with it. In the meantime, it remains to be seen if Teen Mom OG will continue with Amber Portwood or if those Teen Mom paychecks are a thing of the past.

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Teen Mom OG airs on Mondays at 8pm EST on MTV.

Source: Us

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