Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Finally Breaks Her Silence Following Arrest

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood

Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood finally broke her silence following her arrest for domestic abuse when she sat down for an interview with old friend, Dr. Drew, on the reunion special.

The Teen Mom OG star is no stranger to the other side of the law, having been in trouble previously on a variety of different charges. On July 5, Portwood was arrested after a fight she had with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. She was arrested at her house and charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Glennon had called the police and insisted that Portwood had been wielding a machete at him while he was holding their 15-month-old son, James.

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For the first time since her arrest, Portwood broke her silence while taping the Teen Mom OG reunion with Dr. Drew. The reality star could not travel to the reunion due to her charges, so Dr. Drew took the show to Indiana so Portwood could share her side of the story. During the interview that aired on September 3, MTV played a recording of the 911 call from the July 5 night. Fans could hear the operator saying he had received a text message from someone, later identified as Glennon, saying their life was in danger. Portwood wanted to make it very clear to the audience that it was a text message, not a phone call that was sent, and continued to say that she did run after him with a machete. She added that if somebody was running after her with a weapon like that, she would be calling the police, not sending a text message.

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood

Dr. Drew pried deeper, asking if the story was “fiction,” and Portwood answered that there was a type of narcissism with Glennon that she could not comprehend. The angry Teen Mom OG star then mentioned that less than two weeks after the incident, Glennon had moved on to another woman and even invited her to move to Indiana. Portwood did say that the mystery woman seemed to be very sweet and a good person. The remorseful reality star then teared up, remembering the rough past with ex Gary Shirley. She had been caught by MTV's film crew physically abusing him and was later sent to jail on charges. She expressed her sorrow for choosing to act that way, saying that she had not gotten into trouble once since her release.

The Never Too Late author will undoubtedly have more explaining to do in the future regarding whether the machete story is true or a made-up lie by her ex, Glennon. Fans of the franchise can only hope that MTV decides to give Portwood one more chance at redeeming herself.

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Source: Us Weekly

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