Former Teen Mom 2 Star Says Husband’s Dog Killing Was Publicity Stunt

Jenelle Eason Teen Mom 2

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' husband’s David Easton will not be charged with death of their French bulldog, Nugget, as Jenelle went back on her original statement that David had shot the animal. Jenelle has since changed her story with the police, claiming it was all just a publicity stunt.

The killing of Nugget has had some pretty serious implications for Jenelle - she not only lost her dog, but she also lost her job on Teen Mom 2 and temporary custody of her three children, all well as being publicly shamed for defending her husband. After having to go back to court, David and Jenelle recently regained custody of the couple’s three children, Ensley, Kaiser, and David’s daughter Maryssa. She might be moving on with her life, but fans are still outraged with the inconsistencies with her statements causing the investigation into Nugget's alleged shooting to be closed. In May, the Teen Mom 2 star told the police that her husband, David had shot and killed her French bulldog, Nugget because the dog had tried to bite their two-year-old daughter, Ensley.

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TMZ reported that David Eason will not be charged with the killing of their family pet due to lack of sufficient evidence as well as inconsistencies in Jenelle's statements. According to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office when the officers had arrived at the home and they spoke with Jenelle she claimed David took the dog outside and heard a gunshot. She even dedicated a post to her slain dog on her personal Instagram, seen below, reading: "You're gone forever and there's no coming back." However, when the investigators returned to her property a couple of weeks later on May 13, Jenelle then denied ever hearing a gunshot. Jenelle later said that the police were lying and she never made a report against her husband. The investigators believed that Jenelle wanted the whole ordeal to go away due to all of the backlash that the incident has caused, Jenelle allegedly told investigators that the whole dog shooting incident was nothing more than a publicity stunt, however, she now denies ever saying that.

The investigators claim they did a thorough search of Jenelle and David's property and never found a weapon nor any blood or evidence of an animal killing. Combine the lack of physical evidence with Evans saying she made a false report - the investigation is shut. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is closed and they will not file charges against Jenelle for filing a false police report. There is still David's admission to shooting Nuggets on the grounds of protecting his family and the obvious proof that French bulldog is no longer around, many fans believe David is guilty of the Nugget's death,

It is a shame now with Jenelle contradicting her story, resulting in the investigation to be closed, it's unlikely that fans will ever know the truth of what actually happened or where Nugget went. It seems Jenelle has already forgiven her husband and already moved on from the death of her beloved dog, however, MTV producers and angry Teen Mom 2 fans might not be as easy to forgive and move on even if the couple has, adopting two new dogs...

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Source: TMZ, Jenelle Evans

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