10 Memes About Teen Dramas That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Some of our favorite TV series can be super formulaic, but teen dramas almost always delve into some extra-shlocky meme territory.

There are so many great TV shows out there, but there is one genre that deserves more love than all the rest: the teen drama. These give fans everything they could possibly want or need. There are attractive and amazing main characters. There are relatable problems. There are conflicts that make everything exciting. There are relationships, and there are life lessons.

The 10 memes that can be found down below are all focused on teen dramas and are all too hilarious for words (as seen by the references and jokes from these teen dramas). Enjoy!

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10 We Want It On 24/7

There is no feeling like getting in front of the TV for a new episode of a favorite show. At times, though, shows are not on, and, even when they are, they may skip a week here and there… which is unacceptable! Fans get used to this regular stream of entertainment—and fans are—let’s face it, not patient people. Plus, nearly every episode of every teen drama ends with a cliffhanger, making it even harder to wait and find out what happens.

9 Who Done It?

This meme combines two popular television series: Riverdale (one of the most celebrated teen dramas on right now) and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (a hilarious comedy). This meme also jokes about how Jughead is always trying to piece everything together and figure everything on… and many viewers are right there with him, no matter which teen drama is on at the moment! 

With all the mystery, the thrills and the revenge, it can be tough to keep up with who is gone, who dated whom, what happened to certain characters, how things ended up how they did and so on, but that is part of the fun.

8 Those Were The Days

The Dawson's Creek meme is a good one, and this one should be quite relatable to those who watched this series when it was actually on the air. 

When friends had plans and then when some of the friends didn't show up at the right time, there was no way to know where they were; there were so cell phones, there were no check-ins on social media. It was a very different time, and it was not always a breeze.

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7 The Waiting Game

On a similar note, there was the good ol’ game of waiting until a favorite song came on the radio then hitting the record button in order to copy the song onto a cassette tape. However, songs on the radio sometimes have variations or, worse, get cut off at the end by a DJ or even an ad. Kids today cannot relate to this at all, but for fans of this teen drama from back in the day, this was a real problem!

6 That Makes Sense

Now it is time to move on to Gossip Girl, a beloved series that certainly confused people at times. Serena van der Woodsen had quite a few relationships, but she always came back to Dan Humphrey, and, as true fans know, these two ended up getting married. True fans also know that Dan was revealed to be Gossip Girl… meaning he wrote lots of not-so-nice things about Serena. Yeah, that makes sense. Also, don’t even get us started on how he could have pulled all of that off for so long.

5 Hey Upper Eastsiders

One can't talk about this show without talking about Kristen Bell; she provided the voice for Gossip Girl, so she narrated it all and brought everyone to attention with greetings like "Hey, Upper Eastsiders." Many people have felt like her in the way that we hear juicy gossip, and we really want to share it with someone, anyone. We just have to, right?!

4 Decisions, Decisions

One Tree Hill was similar to Gossip Girl in that the relationships went back and forth and sideways at times. A good teen drama brings the romance and the thrills at the same time, though, and this always fans to have their favorite ‘ships. But Lucas Scott, for example, had quite the time making up his mind: Was he in love with Brooke? Or was he in love with Peyton? Like, really? Deep down? 

P.S. Do we care? All that back and forth stuff made for good TV!

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3 *Gets Out Popcorn*

A newer series within this genre would be Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a Netflix show about Sabrina the teenage witch. Those who are up to date with this story will know that Madame Satan does give off Kim Kardashian meme vibes, as she is watching Sabrina and simply waiting to see if/when she will go bad! And, hey, we understand the fascination and the anticipation. 

2 Which One Is It?

There is nothing worse than bad coffee. Just ask Spencer Hastings (the resident caffeine addict from Pretty Little Liars, for those who don't know)! There is also nothing like not-so-great company. But, which is worse, and which causes more problems? Is a cold or bitter or weak cup o’ Joe like the end of the world? Or is an annoying person who brings about tons of small talk or a boring conversation the winner (or… loser) in this contest? It is really something to ponder, and it is the focus of this PLL meme!

1 Wasn’t Me

Last but not least, there is this ode to the Pretty Little Liars’ theme song, which is one of the best ones out there. These characters got into some crazy stuff, so their theme song ends with them all looking around nervously at each other (which totally makes sense... how were they not just broken out in, like, hives all the time?). Some smart fans thought these looks felt familiar and made this work of art; when the teacher asks who was talking, friends totally glance at one another or away like that!

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