Which Teen Drama Are You Based On Your MBTI®

Ever since Degrassi Junior High premiered in 1987 and Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in 1990, TV fans have been interested in watching stories about teenagers going through good and bad times. Teen dramas are an incredibly beloved genre and there are countless to choose from these days, from The Society on Netflix to the very popular Riverdale.

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Since these types of TV shows are centered around the characters (often a group of friends), it's only logical to think about which one you would be, based on your Myers-Briggs Personality Type®. Read on to find out which teen drama you are based on your MBTI.

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10 ESTP: Joan Of Arcadia

Joan of Arcadia only lasted for two seasons from 2003 until 2005, and it's definitely a shame that it isn't talked about more. Amber Tamblyn starred as Joan, a teenage girl who learns that she can talk to God, who looks like a different person every time. More than that, God teaches her about seeing connections in her life, and she can help people with this information.

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If you're an ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver," then your teen drama is Joan of Arcadia. You're flexible, assertive, and a rational problem solver. This show is about seeing life from a different perspective and keeping your mind open to new ideas. ESTPs like to logically solve any issues that come up, just like Joan.

9 ISTP: My So-Called Life

The main character of My So-Called Life, Angela Chase (Claire Danes), is an incredibly realistic person. She's always trying to figure out why her life doesn't make sense, and she just wants to have friends and have fun... while hopefully dating Jordan Catalano, too, because as she says, "I just like how he's always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great."

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That's why this is the perfect teen drama for ISTPs or "Logical Pragmatists." People with this MBTI will relate to Angela's journey throughout the 19 episodes (sadly, it was canceled after that many). ISTPs are realistic and analytical, which describes Angela. She's the type of teenage girl who observes everything, even the way that someone tucks their hair behind their ear.

8 ESFJ: Degrassi: The Next Class

The latest installment of the Degrassi franchise is Degrassi: The Next Class, which has four seasons on Netflix (but there won't be any more seasons). The teen drama is all about the struggles of the teenage characters: body image, racism, and mental health are just some of the things that are discussed and explored.

Someone who is an ESFJ is a "Supportive Contributor," and as the official description explains, they are "sociable and outgoing, understanding what others need and expressing appreciation for their contributions." That sounds like all of the characters on this show because they care about each other and try to help each other out. The characters are always standing up for their morals and each other.

7 ESFP: One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a lot of people's favorite teen drama, and the corny but adorable series lasted for nine seasons from 2003 until 2012. It's safe to say that every teen drama is essentially about a bunch of friends who love each other, but that friendship theme is even more apparent on One Tree Hill.

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That's why this is your teen drama if your MBTI is ESFP. You're an "Enthusiastic Improviser" and "enjoy life and being around people." You're friendly and you accept others, which are two things that describe the friends on this show. No matter what Brooke, Peyton, Lucas, Haley, Nathan, and the rest of the main group are going through, they want to get through it together.

6 ISFJ: The Fosters

An ISFJ, or "Practical Helper," feels their best when they can be of assistance to someone who they care about. They're not big on procrastination or last-minute changes, which could describe any of the family members on the Freeform drama, The Fosters.

That's why this is your teen drama if you're an ISFJ. The members of the Adams Foster family are there for each other and they definitely know how to rally for a good cause. There are so many things that have happened over the show's five seasons: the family fights to keep their school from becoming private and to stop a friend's parents from being deported, to name just a couple of plot lines. Whenever an issue comes up, the characters are upset but will do anything to make sure everything works out.

5 ENTJ: Gossip Girl

From 2007 until 2012, Gossip Girl was many people's favorite teen drama. Best friends Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf competed and loved each other equally, and their personal dramas played out in every episode.

Gossip Girl is the teen drama for someone who is an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist" since the characters often have their eye on the prize and want to succeed. Blair and Chuck Bass are two characters who definitely embody this MTBI. You "see the big picture and think strategically about the future" and are tough but also a planner. When you watch this show, you'll understand why the characters have so much determination.

4 INFJ: Party Of Five

Someone who is an INFJ or "Insightful Visionary" doesn't need awards and credit for what they do. They are "compassionate and quietly inspiring," which describes all of the characters on the '90s teen drama Party Of Five. The series ran from 1994 until 2000 and starred Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell, Lacey Chabert, and Scott Wolf as siblings who lose their parents and have to look out for each other.

INFJs want others to get them and they "encourage harmony." The Salinger siblings are always checking in on each other, even though of course they do each struggle in their own way over the years. At the end of the day, though, they want to be a happy family.

3 INTP: Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars would appeal to someone who is an INTP or "Objective Analyst" since the teen drama, which lasted for seven seasons, features a lot of mysteries and crazy moments. INTPs "typically adopt a detached and concise way of analyzing the world," which also sounds like some of the characters on this show (Spencer Hastings and Mona Vanderwaal in particular).

INTPs can also "quickly see inconsistencies," so when you tune into PLL, you can definitely figure out what sounds right and what sounds wrong when it comes to trying to solve the mystery of "A."

2 INFP: Beverly Hills, 90210

Beverly Hills, 90210 is regarded as one of the most popular teen dramas ever, and it definitely left a big legacy after completing its ten-season run in 2000. While many high school characters on TV shows believe in certain things and attempt to do the right thing, this seems even stronger on this particular series. Characters like Brenda and Brandon are incredibly strong and don't back down. Whether they're defending their right to date who they want to or helping out a friend, they are really good people.

Beverly Hills, 90210 is your teen drama if your MBTI is INFP, or "Thoughtful Idealist." People with this type are all about "moral commitments" and are gentle and virtuous.

1 ISTJ: Roswell

Roswell has been brought back into the teen drama conversation these days thanks to the revival, Roswell: New Mexico. The original show was on the air from 1999 and 2002 and starred Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker, a girl who befriends a group of aliens.

It sounds like Liz Parker's MBTI would be ISTJ, or "Responsible Realist," so if this is your MBTI, then this is your teen drama. ISTJs don't like confusion or when there is mess or disorder. You would be able to relate to Liz as she tries to figure out what's going on and why her world is suddenly so different.

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