'Ted' Red-Band Featurette, Clip & TV Spots: MacFarlane's Warm, Fuzzy, Screwed Up Fairy Tale [Updated]

Seth MacFarlane's Ted (2012) Featurettes TV Spots

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is making the jump to the big screen with Ted, his new comedy starring Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, a slacker who still hangs with his childhood teddy bear - who is, in fact, alive (and voiced with foul-mouthed fervor by MacFarlane). When John's girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) tries to get closer, Ted  finds himself becoming an unwelcome third wheel.

Today's featurette paints the picture described above, while giving some finer brushstrokes to ideas the movie will explore. As a bonus (and for those who like that sort of thing), there is also plenty of R-rated language. In other words, the video above  is NSFW.

Personally, I wasn't sold on the trailer for Ted, but since then, TV Spots like the ones below have helped the film grow on me. If anything, it should be a harmless slice of juvenile fun in the hot season of summer. Of course, if you don't care for MacFarlane's brand of comedy - seen in his animated shows Family GuyCleveland Show, and American Dad - well, then, Ted will probably NOT be for you

Check out the red-band clip and TV spots below:




BONUS: Reader "Penny" pointed us to this hilarious faux-article about Ted's Sex Tape Scandal.

Ted will be in theaters on June 29, 2012.

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