'Ted 2' International Trailer: A Teddy Bear with Soul

Prior to 2012, Seth MacFarlane was known almost exclusively for his role as creator and voice actor on such Fox animated series as Family Guy and American Dad. However, his feature directorial debut Ted - the tale of an immature man-child John (Mark Wahlberg) and his foul-mouthed plush bear (voiced by MacFarlane) - instantly gave him a film career, earning more than $500 million worldwide against a $50 million production budget.

MacFarlane's follow-up, western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West, failed to live up to the success of its predecessor, but with Ted 2 about to hit theaters, the filmmaker has a chance to deliver one of 2015's biggest comedy hits. We've already gotten more than a few glimpses at the movie's various gags (including one particularly outrageous one involving football star Tom Brady).

Universal has now released a fresh international trailer for the film (see above). It doesn't expand much on the previously-released Ted 2 footage, but this preview nonetheless does a solid job at conveying the madcap nature of the comedy sequel. Thus far, it seems as though Ted 2 is looking to retain the spirit of its predecessor and should deliver an entertaining, laugh-filled trip to the theater... for fans of MacFarlane's irreverent sense of humor, that is.

Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, and Amanda Seyfried in 'Ted 2'

MacFarlane and his co-writers' decision to focus the Ted 2 storyline on Ted (and returning star Jessica Barth as his wife, Tami-Lynn) is a smart one. The first movie centered so tightly on Wahlberg's John that the shift brings a new level of freshness to what could otherwise have come off as a humdrum retread of the original. The fact that Mila Kunis - whose character was so essential to John's arc - is nowhere to be seen in Ted 2 only underscores that perhaps John's individual journey may not have much juice left in it.

Instead, Ted 2 gives Wahlberg more of a supporting role, at least judging by the marketing materials. This will allow him to have plenty of opportunities to get involved in hijinks with his best friend without having to carry the emotional crux of the film. That teddy bear is the biggest selling point of this franchise, so here's to hoping he doesn't overstay his welcome with the sequel.

Are you looking forward to Ted 2? Let us know what gag your most looking forward to in the comments section below.


Ted 2 hits U.S. theaters on June 26th, 2015.

Source: Universal

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