'Ted 2' Red Band Trailer: Tom Brady Has Golden Gnads

Ted 2 Trailer (Red Band)

Ted 2 brings back Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, along with his childhood teddy bear, Ted (voice of Seth MacFarlane), for another raunchy comedic outing from the minds behind Family Guy - as thoroughly depicted in the new red-band trailer above.

In the sequel, Ted and his lady Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth) want to have their first child - something anatomically impossible for Ted, being that he (as a Teddy Bear) has no genitalia. To (e)rectify that situation, John and Ted go on a sperm search for a donor who will create one kick-ass kid for Ted. Things take a further twist when the government requires Ted to prove he is a person (not property), and therefore eligible for fatherhood.

Ted 2 pretty much looks like Ted 1, with the noticeable absence of Mila Kunis' character, Lori, who apparently did NOT live happily ever after with a more responsible John. If anything, this trailer's humorous homage to the Law & Order theme song suggests that John never really grew up at all - which kind of invalidates the story arc of the first film. But since this is a low-brow raunch-com we're talking about, thematic cohesion or character arc logic probably aren't that high on the list of priorities for most viewers paying ticket prices to watch the sequel.

Ted 2 Poster

MacFarlane will once again write and direct the film, with help from his Family Guy, Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West collaborators - so if don't like that show and/or didn't enjoy those films, Ted 2 won't likely do anything to change your mind. However, the film will have a lot of fun celebrity cameos (like most MacFarlane projects); in this trailer we see that Tom Brady, Morgan Freeman and Amanda Seyfried all cameo - with a lot more fun appearances listed in IMDb.

Ted 2 will be in theaters on June 26th.

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