'Ted 2' Super Bowl Trailer: Ted Wants to Have Tom Brady's Baby

Ted 2 Super Bowl trailer

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots battled the Seattle Seahawks during the Super Bowl XLIX, while Brady also made an appearance in the new Ted 2 trailer - one of several previews that premiered during the game, promoting the tentpoles, sequels, and/or related big franchise installments arriving in the months ahead (you can watch all of the Super Bowl XLIX film trailers HERE).

Co-writer/director Seth MacFarlane's comedy sequel revolves around the eponymous crude, living, teddy bear (also MacFarlane) and his efforts to start a family with his wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). This requires Ted to not just prove he deserves the same rights as your average person (in the eyes of the law), but also to find a human sperm donor.

Enter Brady, whose sperm is targeted by Ted and BFF John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) in the above Ted 2 Super Bowl preview. The sequence in question is exactly what you would expect from MacFarlane: poor-taste humor and an easy to recognize pop culture reference. This actual movie is likely to contain more than a couple Pulp Fiction jokes as well, if the SLJ bit (the name of Amanda Seyfried's character in the movie) featured in the official trailer is any indication of what's to come.

Ted 2 Super Bowl trailer

Love him or hate him, MacFarlane generally knows how to give his fans what they want/expect from him; and thus far, Ted 2 is shaping up to be more successful in that respect than MacFarlane's western parody A Million Ways to Die in the West was last year. Compared to Ted, A Million Ways wasn't nearly as popular with either critics or the paying moviegoing public (resulting in a significant drop-off in terms of box office returns).

If Ted 2's not a "return to form" for the comedian, then MacFarlane might wind up multiple times on the Razzies shortlist again in 2016. After all, his particular brand of low-brow comedy entertainment makes him a pretty easy (and, depending on who you ask, deserving) punching bag for those who aren't fans of his work on principle.

Ted 2 opens in U.S. theaters on June 26th, 2015.

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