Mark Wahlberg Drops 'Ted 2' Plot Hints, Says It Will Be 'Crazier Than Ever'

Mark Wahlberg Talks Ted 2 Plot

Starting this week, rapper, actor and action star Mark Wahlberg can be seen in theaters opposite some very intimidating co-stars in his latest movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, but next on his agenda is a reunion with a certain naughty, larger-than-life CGI teddy bear named Ted (Seth MacFarlane). The sequel to the 2012 hit, so far just called Ted 2, will begin filming very soon for a summer 2015 release, albeit with a few noticeable changes from the original.

Mila Kunis, who played John Bennett's girlfriend and eventual wife, is not returning outside of maybe a small cameo. Instead, Amanda Seyfried has joined the cast as his new lady love after appearing in MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West this summer. The news about Kunis leaving and Seyfriend replacing her took fans by surprise earlier this year, and many have wondered what this could mean for the storyline of the sequel.

Sitting down with IGN for Transformers 4, Wahlberg let a few details slip about the plot of Ted 2. He admits that John has not settled down at all since the last film, saying:

"That wouldn't be any fun. No, no, no, they're crazier than ever."

But if Ted was expecting their bromance to get back on track, he should think again - apparently, he'll have a new rival for John's affections in Seyfriend. Said Wahlberg:

"It's a problem, but Ted has bigger issues, bigger fish to fry."

In a previous interview, Wahlberg had hinted that John and Ted may even take their shenanigans "on the road," so at this point it would appear some kind of road trip is in store for the two buddies. However, what this could mean for John or his relationship with either Kunis or Seyfried's characters as he continues "looking for love and everything else there is to look for" is still unclear.

In order for a sequel to be successful, it usually has to differ from the original enough to stand on its own. That said, if the premise changes too much - or resets it as Ted 2 appears to be doing - then the filmmakers run the risk of alienating the same audience they're trying to bring back to theaters.

So what do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you excited for a soul-searching road trip movie? Or do you just wish Kunis would return for more fun?


Ted 2 opens in U.S. theaters on June 26th, 2015.

Source: IGN

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