See The Teaser For the First Trailer of Duncan Jones' Mute

Netflix has released a sneak peek teaser for Duncan Jones' new sci-fi noir Mute. The full trailer is set to arrive January 30th.

Mute - Alexander Skarsgård


— MUTE (@mute) January 27, 2018

Duncan Jones has finally released the first teaser for his new film Mute, a new Netflix exclusive. This precedes the first full trailer, which is due out Tuesday, January 30.

The teaser for the forthcoming film contains nothing more than a couple of different shots, but it's a striking visual feast complete with a floating car, an ominous drone and lots of sweet, sweet neon. Alexander Skarsgard stars as Leo Beiler a mute bartender who is going up against gangsters and black market surgeons in the futuristic, neon-drenched city of Berlin. Leo is looking for his missing partner, who we can likely assume is the blue-haired woman in the trailer, and he keeps bumping into a couple of black market American surgeons named Cactus Bill and Duck Teddington. Along with some close-up shots of Skarsgard, we also get a good look at the mustachioed Paul Rudd as Cactus Bill. The only real missing component is Cactus Bill's companion Duck, played by Justin Theroux.

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Mute has been described by Jones himself as a futuristic, science fiction style Casablanca crossed with the neo-noir stylings of Blade Runner, which is the pretty obvious connection here. Jones has also said that this is the film he's been wanting to make for around 15 years, even referring to it as his Don Quixote on Twitter, in reference to the tumultuous, multiple productions of the legendary Terry Gilliam film (which is also being released this year). Jones has had an interesting career so far, and Mute is looking to be his most ambitious film yet.

Mute (2017) - Justin Theroux

The famed son of David Bowie, Jones has released some severely underrated films like Moon and Source Code, while also being responsible for the hugely divisive Warcraft: The Beginning in 2016. This new film promises to be a return to form, and is even supposed to take place in the same universe as Moon. While so far it is unclear what will end up in Mute, Sam Rockwell was rumored to be reprising his role as the (9-year-old spoiler alert) astronaut clone from Moon, Sam Bell. Maybe we will get a couple of more answers from lingering questions to that film as well.

Either way, Mute is looking fairly interesting just from this teaser trailer. Jones has a knack for creating interesting science fiction stories, and any combination of Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux is more than a little exciting. Netflix has had a fairly good succh their original sci-fi films, so let's hope that continues with Mute. It's hard to imagine this film finding a good home anywhere else.

Mute hits Netflix on February 23, and the full trailer will be released on Tuesday, January 30.

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