Teamfight Tactics Has 33 Million Monthly Players

Teamfight Tactics has 33 million monthly players according to a new Riot Games press release, making the game a massive addition to the League of Legends client and a game that the developer will focus more heavily on in 2020 as a competitive outlet for its ranked players. Teamfight Tactics is the League of Legends-based auto chess title from Riot that was launched quickly after the genre became the next big multiplayer craze, immediately competing with the mod that spawned the scene and Valve's answer in Dota Underlords.

What began as a tight race between the three to establish some semblance of dominance has quickly seen Teamfight Tactics surpass all comers. The title enjoys a much larger playerbase thanks to being built-in to the League of Legends experience (resulting in a lot of free, important advertising) and is perhaps the most visually appealing, as it is the most watched version of the genre on Twitch. With League of Legends announcing an 8 million peak concurrent players a day mark earlier last week, it was pretty obvious that Teamfight Tactics was a major contributor to those numbers, further cementing its status as the auto chess game of choice moving forward.

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What consumers didn't know was just how big the gap between Teamfight Tactics and its competitors might be - the answer is a lot. In the release from Riot, Teamfight Tactics is also identified as being responsbile for increasing the peak number of concurrent League of Legends players by a whopping 30%. With a monthly base of 33 million so quickly, there's also a lot of room for the game to grow, particularly in terms of a competitive scene. Riot has already identified that as one of the major potential avenues for improvement, too, committing to a much bigger plan for the competitive Teamfight Tactics scene in 2020.

Teamfight Tactics Permanent Mode League Legends Jynx

According to Riot, competitive Teamfight Tactics is a big priority because the proportions of ranked games versus normal games is a huge discrepancy, with a 4:1 ratio in favor of ranked games. It is also popular in some of the most critical regions for Riot for all of its titles, like Korea. All of that suggests that Teamfight Tactics isn't just a cash-in on a craze, and it has already achieved some incredible numbers without Riot throwing the full might of the developers' years of experience in esports behind the competitive scene.

At its most essential, that means that fans should get used to Teamfight Tactics. With more accessible gameplay, a better streaming experience, and an already massive playerbase, the League of Legends spin-off has already shed that title in favor of another one: 2020's competitive game to watch. We've argued it before, and we'll state it again: Teamfight Tactics has the potential to surpass even League of Legends thanks to its unique blend of accessibility, polish, and depth, and 2020 could be where that statement seems less far-fetched to fans.

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