Teamfight Tactics Makes Blaming Bad Luck Harder

Teamfight Tactics Bad Luck Protection RNG Items

Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics actually has built-in bad luck protection, mitigating the arguments from some players that the auto chess game includes too many RNG elements to make it truly competitive. In just a short time, Teamfight Tactics has become a dominant presence in the burgeoning auto chess scene, surpassing the original mod as well as Valve's spin on it, Dota Underlords, in concurrent viewership on Twitch quite regularly.

For the uninitiated, auto chess is a genre of gaming that emerged from MOBAs and has quickly caught on with mainstream media and consumers alike. It's easy to see why - auto chess takes the flashier elements of MOBA games, like dazzling ability visuals and cool-looking heroes, and does away with the need to have any semblance of good reflexes to succeed. Instead, players need to plan out their teams, purchase upgrades and heroes, and then set them off to battle on their own. There's no micro mechanics needed when the battling takes place - a script handles it for players. It's been a major boon for those interested in games like League of Legends but without the ability to learn the mechanics and timings, and has recently become so popular there are now heated debates over which gameplay elements need improving.

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For many, the inner workings of Teamfight Tactics has been a mystery unless the person in question actually works at Riot Games. Principal Game Designer at Riot Games Stephen Mortimer recently shared a tweet that finally shed some light on one of the most controversial elements of Teamfight Tactics, however, revealing the existence of a bad luck protection system that will help mitigate the early game RNG of item distribution. Essentially, players who receive no items early will have a better chance of getting items later on - something that Teamfight Tactics players had suspected was the case but nevertheless are likely to appreciate clarification on.

Fans have been excited to receive glimpses into what makes Teamfight Tactics work, as the game hasn't done a very good job of explaining the mechanics behind what occurs in-game up until this point. With that being said, it's still a very new game that was made quite quickly to capitalize on demand for a League of Legends auto chess title, so there will be growing pains in the short-term.

Teamfight Tactics recently benefited from its first major patch, too, which added a ranked mode for those craving healthier competition. Given that there's still a lot of mysteries behind how Teamfight Tactics distributes items, spawns heroes, and more, fans can likely expect greater developer transparency in the near future once competitive gamers begin raising serious questions about ranked play.

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Source: Mortdog/Twitter

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