Team Thor: Part 2 Listed as Doctor Strange Blu-ray Special Feature

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Marvel Studios had a banner year in 2016 and are primed for another standout year once again. They kicked off last summer with the hugely successful Captain America: Civil War, which was the culmination of Steve Rogers' story that united and divided the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then they introduced a brand new face to the MCU with Doctor Strange and opened up a new world of magic for the audiences. However, during all of their star-studded successes there was a glaring absence - Thor.

While the Asgardian warrior wasn't included in last summer's Royale Rumble, his absence was addressed in a clever short film that was first screened at San Diego Comic Con and later added as a featurette on the Civil War DVD called Team Thor. The comedic short found Chris Hemsworth back in the role of Thor, while Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi was at the helm of the humorous video. The short chronicled the attempts of Thor to get into the action of Civil War, while unraveling the overarching secrets of the MCU. Waititi shot the comedy in a mockumentary style that managed to reveal the hidden comedy gold beneath the surface of Thor.

Fans of Team Thor have a new reason to rejoice, as it was recently revealed the comedic shenanigans will continue. According to Blu-ray Forums, the upcoming February 28th home release of Doctor Strange will have many notable extras including a behind-the-scenes gag reel, an overview of Marvel's Phase 3, and a follow-up short to last summer's viral sensation with Team Thor: Part 2.

Thor: Ragnarok May Include Thor’s Roommate Darryl

Team Thor found Thor in the center of a series of fish-out-of-water scenarios, including spending time in an office setting and cohabiting with his human roommate, Darryl. While the short was mostly tongue-in-cheek - and seemingly set outside of the cinematic canon - it does highlight many points of interest for those carefully following the MCU's story. Thor's knowledge of the Infinity Stones - which he first saw a vision of during Avengers: Age of Ultron - is explored as the Asgardian reveals his "detailed" diagram of Thanos' conquest. As well as the hero's bond with his magical hammer Mjolnir, which coincidentally is rumored to be in jeopardy in Ragnarok.

Thor most recently showed up in the post-credits sequence for Doctor Strange, seeking the assistance of the master of the mystic arts. It's unclear when the two titans of the Marvel universe are actually meeting, whether it's in the present day, or if we are getting a glimpse ahead to a scene from the much anticipated Thor: RagnarokEither way, it seems likely that, much like Bruce Banner's unexpected cameo, we could get a return appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch's Strange in Team Thor: Part 2.

While the events of Team Thor seem to be largely outside of the MCU established canon, it's still a fun experience to see the actors inhabit their characters in unorthodox or benign situations that aren't world threatening. It's what has led to some of the MCU's most memorable moments in The Avengers franchise, whether we find the heroes at a dinner party or eating celebratory shawarma. We can't wait to find see what Waititi and Marvel come up with next.

Source: Blu-ray Forums [via Heroic Hollywood]

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