Taylor Swift Opens Up About Her Painful Feud with Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift opened up about her painful and long-running feud with Kim Kardashian. It all started in 2016 when Kardashian's husband, Kanye West, mentioned Swift in his song "Famous."

Few people with access to the internet can forget the very public feud that began on Twitter between Swift and Kardashian back in 2016. Following the release of "Famous," on which West refers to Swift as "that b*tch," the pop star's rep came forward saying Swift asked him not to use the derogatory term. Meanwhile, Kardashian had proof Swift had already spoken to West about the song and approved the lyric. She even shared receipts, including recordings of their phone conversations (West had been filming his life for a documentary project). Kardashian fans (and Swift haters) then attacked, sending the "ME!" singer a barrage of snake emojis. Now, years later, Swift is still hurt by the incident and recently opened up about the painful feud.

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Speaking with Vogue for the magazine's September issue, Swift said that the experience of being harassed online following Kardashian's tweetstorm was "isolating" and "humiliating." She referred to it as a "mass public shaming," with people calling her "canceled." Swift added that not many people knew what it was like to have "millions of people hate you very loudly" (except for maybe Kardashian and West) and that a "cancelling" was essentially telling someone to kill themselves. (It's worth noting that the same internet vitriol that was directed toward Swift following Kardashian's tweets had been previously directed at West, and Kardashian was "exposing" Swift in an attempt to protect her husband.)

Kim Kardashian

In order to process her feelings about it all, Swift decided to "restructure" her life because it felt "out of control." She then wrote songs about the feud that eventually developed into her album Reputation. Turning the pain into music was the only way Swift knew how to "preserve" her mental health, she explained. She wanted to use Reputation as a way of demonstrating what it feels like to go through something so "humiliating." It is a little ironic that Kardashian was calling Swift out for making herself into a victim, and since then, Swift has turned their feud into an album, mentioned it on her recent single "You Need to Calm Down," and brought it up in at least two different award acceptance speeches, years after the incident took place.

Hopefully, now that Swift has processed this feud via an album, a single, and several high-profile interviews, she can, like Kardashian and West clearly have, finally move on. It would be a relief for Swift fans and music lovers everywhere.

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Source: Vogue

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