First Look at Taylor Kitsch & Rihanna in 'Battleship'

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Battleship Sunk!

In Peter Berg's Battleship, alien spaceships land in our oceans and stay there because one of their vessels is damaged, setting the scene for some good ol’ naval warfare action. The film will show both our perspective and that of the aliens who are called The Regents and are described as black creatures whose legs spread out like water spiders.

Starring in Battleship are a bunch of young pretty people including Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Dekker... and joining them is Tom Arnold. The first set photos of Rihanna and Kitsch in costume have hit the web and you can check out the gallery below.

Battleship is an expensive film with Universal budgeting $200 million towards its production - even though they're shooting now in beautiful Hawaii, Battleship will not open until the summer of 2012, meaning there will be a ton of post-production work put into the aliens, their ships and the battles between them and the human naval forces.

Just Jared scored the set photos which depict pop star Rihanna and a shorter-haired Taylor Kitsch in navy uniform, prepping to combat alien forces.

I must admit; Kitsch looks entirely different without his usual long hair from Friday Night Lights and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As for Rihanna, there's nothing to call out. It's Rihanna in a navy costume.


The eye candy alone will help sell Battleship, especially with the marketing dollars that will be thrown at the movie, but early feedback on the news coming from the movie's production so far revolves around questioning some of the casting decisions. Rihanna is there just to help sell the movie but why is Brooklyn Dekker there who has no acting experience? She's a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model with some TV appearances so she plays into the eye candy as well, a strategy employed by Michael Bay with his choices of female leads for the Transformers movies, of which Dekker almost had a part in replacing Megan Fox. I'm not complaining until I see the final product.

I'm very interested in seeing more from Battleship, especially considering how many alien invasion films moviegoers will be getting over the next two years to compare it to. Battleships fighting UFOs? That's cool in an of itself and I'm a big supporter of Kitsch and Skarsgard, while also supportive of Rihanna and Dekker having a shot.

Battleship will hit theaters May 18, 2012.

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Source: Just Jared

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