Rumor Patrol: Taxi Driver Remake?

To quote the band Weezer, "Say It Ain't So..."

Over the holiday weekend there was a lot of rumor circling Martin Scorsese, whose new film Shutter Island premiered in theaters overseas (we review it HERE).

We've already covered one rumor stating that Scorsese and Robert De Niro are collaborating on a new mob movie, but we have yet to report on the rumor (started by the Danish press) that Scorsese was approached during Shutter Island's Berlin premiere about doing a remake of his iconic film, Taxi Driver, by none other than director Lars von Trier (Antichrist).

The rumor mill was churning out word that von Trier had approached Scorsese about doing a new version of Taxi Driver, with Robert De Niro possibly reprising his Oscar-nominated role as Travis Bickle. Scorsese was said to be 'mulling it over.'

While some sites reported the von Trier/Taxi Driver rumor at face value, other sites were immediately calling B.S.

Screen Daily is the latest site to weigh in on the matter, claiming that they've spoken with von Trier's business partner, Peter Aalbaek Jensen, who claimed that “I have seen it [the story] in the Danish film magazine and what is written there is not true,” and also added that the rumor of von Trier wanting to remake Taxi Driver are "rubbish."

Where do I stand? Well I'm a big Scorsese fan, a huge Taxi Driver fan and not at all a fan of Lars von Trier. Some critics feel von Trier is a genius at shattering the boundaries of cinematic convention. I'm one of those people that thinks von Trier and the films he makes (Antichrist) are simply strange. Not "unique," just "strange." And don't try to sell me on Dancer in the Dark - I wasn't a fan.

Do I want von Trier going anywhere near Taxi Driver? Hell no. Do I think von Trier would ever be allowed to go anywhere near Taxi Driver? Hell no. Do I think Scorsese and De Niro would ever hop aboard for that sort of ride with von Trier at the helm? Hell no.

However, it wouldn't be the world of online movie news if we didn't have a 'here today, gone tomorrow' rumor to feed on every now and again. Luckily the Screen Rant Rumor Patrol is on the case.

How do you fancy the idea of Lars von Trier remaking Taxi Driver? Did you feel faint for a second there?

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