Taron Egerton Wants Dwayne Johnson to Join Kingsman 3

Taron Egerton would love to see Dwyane Johnson join the cast of Kingsman 3. Matthew Vaughn followed up his successful X-Men prequel film, X-Men: First Class, by adapting Mark Millar's comic book series Kingsman: The Secret Service onto the big screen in 2015. The film took audiences and critics by surprise, earning heaps of praise while also becoming a breakout hit at the worldwide box office. The Secret Service grossed over $414 million globally against an estimated production budget of $81 million, which was more than enough to convince the studio to commission another installment from Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman.

The sequel, titled Kingsman: The Golden Circle, hit theaters this past weekend and, although it hasn't been as well received as its predecessor, it has already soared to the top of the box office charts, grossing an estimated $39 million domestically and over $61 million internationally. Considering that the sequel sets up another installment in the series, it's safe to say that 20th Century Fox may already be planning their potential final installment in the Kingsman franchise -- and Egerton wants to see Johnson join the cast for that last chapter.

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Egerton has been busy promoting Kingsman: The Golden Circle along with returning cast members Colin Firth and Mark Strong, as well as newcomers Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and Pedro Pascal. Unfortunately, the actor couldn't say much about the story for Kingsman 3, but he did tell THR that he would love to see Johnson join the fold as the potential villain.

Taron Egerton Dwayne Johonson Kingsman

"I know who the character is and it's nothing like this actor, but I love Dwayne Johnson. I think he's the right fit for it, but the villain role Matthew has described to me is not Dwayne Johnson."

Dwayne Johnson's career in acting has skyrocketed over the past few years, proven by the fact that he was the highest-paid actor in 2016, netting over $64 million in income that year alone. Of course, that's all because he appears to be constantly working. Last year, he appeared in two films -- Central Intelligence and Moana -- while also headlining the HBO drama Ballers. This year, he has already starred in The Fate of the Furious and Baywatch, and he still has Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle coming up.

So, aside from the fact that Johnson apparently doesn't the fit bill for Kingsman 3's villain, the famed actor may not have the time to appear in the third installment even if he was given the chance. Currently, he has multiple movies in the works that release in 2018 and 2019 that are already causing scheduling issues with other franchise movies. Still, even though Johnson can't play the villain, perhaps there's another role for the actor to fill.

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Source: THR

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