15Gillian Anderson - The X-Files (movies)

Gillian Anderson as Scully in The X Files

In The X-Files TV show and movies, Gillian Anderson plays medical doctor Dana Scully, an analytical, no-nonsense FBI Agent who got partnered with Agent Fox Mulder, who has an open mind about the supernatural and unexplained. Anderson's fierce and near-constant glare could intimidate the toughest of aliens,

but underneath that pretty complexion and fire-red hair lies a quick-witted, analytical forensics expert capable of sending hearts aflutter with her intellect.

While you don't see her fight very often, Scully battles evil and enemies with logical and methodical investigating. With the help of Mulder, she'll always get her man. But there are plenty of episodes where she exudes a softer, vulnerable side, especially when dealing with Mulder's past or in a dangerous situation.

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