Tangled TV Movie: First 5 Minutes Released Online

Tangled Before Ever After Disney Key Art

Nobody knows how to make hits like mega-studio Disney, and that's even without their enormous Marvel and Lucasfilm properties. Nearly everyone born in the past few decades has grown up with a favorite Disney animated movie, and the studio has not stopped producing their iconic princess films since, although their animation style has certainly changed.

One such film, 2010's Tangled, saw unprecedented critical success for its time, and became one of the top 10 films of that year. Tangled introduced the Rapunzel legend to a new generation, and, with charming performances by leads Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, broke new ground at the box office. Now, Disney Channel is looking to re-capitalize on that success by launching an animated series, Tangled: The Series with a TV movie titled Tangled: Before Ever After, in which Moore and Levi will reprise their roles as Rapunzel and Eugene, respectively.

The TV movie looks to reintroduce fans and newcomers to the story and follow Rapunzel and Eugene in the months leading up to their marriage. The two explore their new home among the Corona elite, and learn how to deal with Rapunzel's changed powers. Fans eager for a first look at the upcoming TV movie can check out the first five minutes, which explain the film's premise and feature an action-packed scene, courtesy of Disney's YouTube channel. Check out the fun-filled excerpt above!

Tangled Before Ever After Disney Key Art

The clip opens much like the first movie, with Eugene (the artist formerly known as Flynn Rider) explaining its premise as well as filling in plot holes for anyone who missed the original Tangled. We then get to see Eugene and Rapunzel engage in a raucous ride through the kingdom forest, before Rapunzel is re-coronated as a princess of Corona. As in the original film, Rapunzel longs to journey far from home - which could lead her to trouble in the film.

This certainly looks like it will be a fun way for fans to jump back into the wild world of Rapunzel, and it captures the happy-go-lucky spirit of the original film. The change in animation style is a bit jarring, though, as it means fans are expected to acclimate to new designs for characters they already know and love. It's also unclear whether Tangled will be able to adapt cleanly to a TV series, since the movie works so well as a standalone romp.

Either way, Tangled: Before Ever After is sure to be a fun show for the kids, if not the whole family. We've got a dream...and it's for a real Tangled movie sequel, not just a made-for-TV nod to the original.

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Tangled: Before Ever After will debut Friday March 10 on the Disney Channel, with Tangled: The Series set to continue thereafter.

Source: Disney

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