Eddie Judge Says Reality TV Isn’t Real After Reportedly Criticizing Tamra Judge’s Son

Eddie Judge of The Real Housewives of Orange County says reality TV isn’t real in an Instagram post after reportedly criticizing Tamra Judge’s son.

Eddie Judge


Eddie Judge said that reality TV isn’t real after reportedly criticizing Tamra Judge’s son. The Real Housewives husband has had enough of the unwarranted attacks and is ready to take a stand.

Tamra Judge is no stranger to being in the middle of all the drama on the Bravo show, but her husband Eddie rarely makes the tabloids. While she has had her share of hardships with her costars and has had to live through a messy divorce, the California girl also tries to keep it fun and positive with her costars, even stealing a cheeky kiss once in a while, which her husband approves of.

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According to People, Judge decided to let the audience members know that not everything they see on The Real Housewives of Orange County should be believed. On a recent episode, Judge was at the mercy of the fans who felt that he had wronged Tamra’s son, Ryan Vieth. The gym owner took to Instagram with a long-winded post saying that it was time for the Bravo fans to move on from the drama and to learn how reality TV works, saying, “Reality TV is not reality.” For Bravo, these types of shows are designed to gain maximum reactions from their viewers and often cut and paste footage to make a situation happen that may not have been there before. Judge continued to rant his frustrations with the process, explaining that the show has a set script which helps lead the entire season.

Tamra Judge

The episode in question occurred on November 13, in which Tamra met with her son’s therapist and learned that her eldest child was fighting with depression. The California mother already admitted to the cameras that she was worried her son may become a statistic and commit suicide one day as he had been unhappy for a long time. Tamra then mirrored the conversation back to her husband, to which he replied, When you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man.” Judge had to quickly explain his choice of words, but defended his opinion, saying that his stepson was not mentally ill, but finding life challenging, ending his statement saying that people don’t have to be “mentally ill to feel depressed.”  

Fans felt that Judge had implied that Ryan was using depression as a scapegoat, when that was not the case at all, according to Judge. Tamra came to her husband’s defense while attending a BravoCon panel and did address Judge’s frustrations with the editing of the show, acknowledging that the scene was taken out of context. True fans of the hit Bravo shows understand that what they are watching is not one hundred percent real, but there are some that take it all very seriously, leading to the online trolls who seem to always be ready to attack.

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Source: People

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