'Tammy' UK Trailer: Melissa McCarthy On the Road

Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy in Tammy

The latest theatrical trailer unveiled for Tammy, unlike its predecessors, keeps the spotlight off of the criminal misdeeds of its title character, by instead showcasing other comedy sequences from the film. Melissa McCarthy (Identity Thief, The Heat) headlines the film, drawing from a screenplay that she co-wrote with her husband, Ben Falcone (Bad Words) - who, in addition to directing, makes an appearance in the new preview, where he plays Tammy's soon-to-be-ex boss.

Tammy's terrible day - which includes nearly killing a deer on the way to work - only gets worse after she's fired from her fast food job, as she heads home early and winds up catching her husband in the act of cheating, with their neighbor. That's enough to send Tammy packing... well, three houses away, anyway, to stay with her parents, including her mom (Kathy Bates) and booze-hound grandmother (Susan Sarandon).

Hurt, confused, and with nothing to lose, Tammy then sets out on a road trip quest to reach Niagara Falls, bringing her grandma along to provide the necessary funding. A string of comical misadventures ensues thereafter, as Tammy desperately tries to figure out what it is that she wants to do with her life.

Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy in Tammy
Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy in 'Tammy'

The R-Rated comedy offerings in recent weeks have included Seth Rogen's latest arrested development raunch-com (Neighbors), Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy style parody of the western (A Million Ways to Die in the West), and a 21 Jump Street sequel that's also a metafictional spoof of the 21 Jump Street brand (22 Jump Street).

Tammy, by comparison, is also its own thing - offering a story of self-discovery, with an emphasis on physical comedy performance derived from the tradition of silent film comics. Warner Bros.' marketing campaign hasn't necessarily done a stellar job of selling the film, offering limited context for the comedy sequences on display, and no hints of the movie's adults-only shenanigans either (via a red band promo). Still, as McCarthy fans, we hope that she and her husband manage to land a solid hit, during their first time at bat as a writing/directing duo.

Rounding out the Tammy cast are Toni Collette (The Way, Way Back), Dan Aykroyd (The Campaign), Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy), Allison Janney (Masters of Sex), Mark Duplass (Safety Not Guaranteed), Nat Faxon (Ben and Kate), and Mark L. Young (We're the Millers).


Tammy opens in U.S. theaters on July 2nd, 2014, before it hits UK theaters two days later.

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