Talking Dead Spinoff with Chris Hardwick Moves Forward


Having built himself a sizable personal empire in the last decade or so, TV personality, podcast host, and stand-up comic Chris Hardwick is arguably the hardest working man in show business today. When not touring around the country doing comedy, Hardwick both produces and emcees the popular Nerdist podcast, along with currently holding three different hosting jobs on TV. Hardwick hosts the nightly social media-based game show @midnight on Comedy Central, prime time game show The Wall on NBC, and of course AMC's Talking franchise of aftershows.

The most popular member of AMC's aftershow line-up is of course Talking Dead, which Hardwick hosts following each new episode of The Walking Dead and its prequel spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. However, Hardwick has also hosted Talking Bad during the final season of the network's iconic drug drama Breaking Bad, as well as Talking Saul and Talking Preacher, the latter of which air after their respective series' season premieres and finales.

With all of the above success in mind, it's not too surprising to learn that AMC might want to try expanding the Talking franchise beyond merely being an aftershow, thus expanding their relationship with host Hardwick along with it. Variety reports that AMC will soon launch Talking with Chris Hardwick, a weekly Sunday nights at 11pm chat show that will run year-round, specifically when new episodes of The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead are not airing. When those shows are airing, Talking Dead will air afterward as normal.

Unlike the usual mixed celebrity panel format employed by Talking Dead, each hour-long episode of Talking with Chris Hardwick will feature the host interviewing a single guest or cast, with guests chosen from around the world of pop culture. This is how Hardwick himself describes his new series:


"‘Talking’ will have the skin of ‘Talking Dead,’ the soul of the Nerdist podcast and the guts of a Comic Con panel. I have loved learning how to do a talk show these last six years on ‘Talking Dead,’ but am eager to expand the format into other areas of pop culture."

As for when Talking will premiere, that won't be until after The Walking Dead season 7.5 finishes up, as the timeslot will be occupied until then by Talking Dead. Talking with Chris Hardwick debuts the following Sunday night, April 9. While Fear the Walking Dead season 3 has yet to be officially given a premiere date by AMC, one assumes it likely won't be until the summer, in order to give the first batch of Talking episodes some time to breathe.


Talking with Chris Hardwick premieres Sunday, April 9 at 11pm.

Source: Variety

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