Talented Mr. Ripley TV Show Casts Fleabag’s Andrew Scott

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Fleabag actor Andrew Scott is set to star in Ripley, an upcoming television adaptation from Showtime. It’s a continuation of the big week that Fleabag is having. In addition to the show’s surprise wins at the Emmys, series creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge signed a huge deal to create content for Amazon. With this news, it seems that Scott won’t be wandering too far away from audiences either.

The adaptation will be based on the bestselling novels by Patricia Highsmith. Five in total, starting in 1995 and concluding in 2001, the novels revolved around the character of Tom Ripley. Beginning as a con artist, and derided as a ‘sissy’ by the aunt that looked after him following the death of his parents, the character would devolve as the books went on into a serial killer. Highsmith’s story has been adapted for the big screen on more than a few occasions, perhaps most famously with Matt Damon in the main role, as well for radio and television episodes. Now, the story is being developed as a series for Showtime. Andrew Scott, no stranger to playing complex characters, is attached to star.

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According to THR, Andrew Scott will be playing the lead. Spanning eight episodes, the series will begin Tom Ripley (Scott) as a grifter in New York. Set in the 1960s, Tom is just barely getting by when he’s hired by a wealthy man to travel to Italy in an attempt to convince the wealthy man’s son to return home. The trip proves to be Tom’s first step into a life of fraud, deception, and murder. The series, which was given a straight-to-series commitment by Showtime in April, will be overseen by Steven Zaillian. Zaillian is a heavyweight in the industry, having contributed to some of Hollywood’s most influential films. He wrote the screenplay for Schindler’s List and Gangs of New York. Most recently, he worked on The Irishman.

Prior to breaking out in Fleabag, Scott was known to audiences as Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock. A twisted persona of a different sort, Moriarty was nonetheless sophisticated and incredibly smart. Much like Ripley, he could appear charming when necessary. Although it will be new for Scott to step in the shoes of Patricia Highsmith’s famous serial killer, he certainly comes to the role with no shortage of similar experience.

That may be what Showtime is banking on. During her acceptance speech for Fleabag’s win in the Outstanding Comedy Series category, Phoebe Waller-Bridge credited Scott for the success of the show’s second season. “Season 2 wouldn’t have happened and wouldn’t have exploded as it did if it wasn’t for Andrew Scott.” She said. Showtime is clearly hoping that Scott will be the same good luck charm for Ripley.

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