Taking A Moment To Think About Memorial Day

I know that May 25th has been named Universal Day of the Jedi to commemorate the original release date of the the first, "Han shoots first" version of Star Wars. Yes, to movie geeks worldwide (including myself) that's a significant date.

But I want to take a moment to remind folks in the U.S. that today, Monday, is Memorial Day - a day of REAL importance. A day to remember all those who have served in the military to defend our way of life and especially those who have died so we can have the freedom to freely discuss whatever we want and call the current president every name in the book without repercussions.

Please take a moment from your day off and your barbeques to remember WHY you don't have to go to work today.

To those who served or are currently serving, I thank you. And to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, I hope you are in a better place.

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