Taken TV Show Pilot Casts Additional Recurring Roles

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The Taken franchise has already spawned three feature films, starring Liam Neeson as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills - and while the kidnapping capers and high-tension rescue missions could potentially burst onto the big screen again, NBC are more interested in delving into the protagonist’s backstory via a small screen prequel television series.

The production value of the new spinoff series already appears tight with Alexander Cary (current executive producer of Homeland) signing up to write and produce, alongside Alex Graves (director of episodes for Homeland and Game of Thrones) who will oversee the direction of Taken’s pilot episode. Meanwhile, over in the casting corner, we have learned that Vikings actor Clive Standen will appear in the lead role as the younger version of Bryan Mills. And now, Gaius Charles, Monique Gabriela Curnen and James Landry Hebert are set to join him as series regulars.

According to Deadline, the actors will be filling the slots of three key characters in the straight-to-series adaptation. Charles has been lined up to play John, a natural born leader who is a member of Bryan’s elite Operational Control team (aka OPCON) and is responsible for taking care of America’s national security emergencies on the ground. Curnen, who is playing Vlasik, and Hebert, who is starring as Casey, will be working closely together as integral members of OPCON.

Charles is no stranger to television shows, having become well known off the back of his role as Brian “Smash” Williams in Friday Night Lights and joining the Grey’s Anatomy team, for their ninth and tenth seasons, as Dr. Shane Ross – a character who was both caring and emotional, as well as competitive and arrogant at times. In Taken he will play a charismatically calm character that doesn’t feel the need to prove his mettle to anyone.

Taken TV show cast - Gaius Charles, Monique Gabriela Curnen and James Landry Hebert
Taken TV show cast - Gaius Charles, Monique Gabriela Curnen and James Landry Hebert

Charles’ co-star, Curnen’s, predominant television roles have been in the crime dramas Elementary and The Following. Aside from that, she has an impressive portfolio of credits to her name and has worked across theater, film and television, so it is perhaps unsurprising that she has been elevated to a series regular on NBC’s Taken. 

Meanwhile, Hebert has proven his acting chops in the likes of HBO’s Westward and during episodes for Mob City and Agent Carter. However, his next appearance might be the most challenging yet, as he will play Casey, an operative dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder by taking his duties very seriously and being effective operationally.

This will become Luc Besson’s latest movie to be adapted for television, following two seasons of Transporter: The Series and five seasons of La Femme Nikita. Undoubtedly, Besson will be hoping that the Taken prequel series will gather the same cult following and experience similar success as the latter of those shows - something that seems all the more likely, since he is set to sit in the executive producer’s chair on this project.

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Source: Deadline

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