Taika Waititi's Star Wars: The Mandalorian Episode Set Video Reveals Story Details

New video from the set of Disney's streaming Star Wars series The Mandalorian shows director Taika Waititi working on a scene from the season finale together with showrunner Jon Favreau, and the clip appears to reveal some details about the season 1 story. A previous batch of unofficially released photos gave fans a glimpse of a set from the show, and also revealed a pair of Death Troopers like the ones seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

With Disney getting set to launch its new streaming service Disney+, Star Wars fans are getting a whole array of new programming. One of the central Star Wars offerings will be The Mandalorian, which takes place after the destruction of the Empire in Return of the Jedi, and revolves around an armor-clad gunfighter from the same race that spawned the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Showrunner Jon Favreau and Lucasfilm recently offered up the first official image from the series, showing the lead character in his familiar Mandalorian armor. It was also revealed that a weapon wielded by the Mandalorian was inspired by a very unlikely source: the infamous bomb TV movie The Star Wars Holiday Special (which of course was what actually introduced the character of Boba Fett, albeit in animated form).

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Fans hungry for any clues about what is set to go down on The Mandalorian have been treated to a few unofficial pieces of info in recent weeks via the website Making Star Wars. In their latest reveal, the site offers video that shows episode director Taika Waititi, showrunner Jon Favreau, and director Dave Filoni appearing to rehearse an action scene with several actors, including two men dressed in Stormtrooper gear (sans helmets), and two others dressed as characters who've reportedly been seen working in other scenes. There's also another actor or double wearing partial Mandalorian armor.


Though the video is limited in what it's able to capture - and indeed it doesn't actually show any filming, only featuring Waititi, Favreau and company working out some fight moves - it's possible to glean story details from the footage when put together with the prior leaks. Once all the dots are connected, it appears that the season finale concerns the Mandalorian taking on remnants of the Empire, for reasons that obviously remain shrouded in secrecy. Mandalorians of course are bounty hunters, gunfighters and mercenaries, so there's no reason why one of them wouldn't be fighting the Empire. Even Boba Fett, a bad guy in the original Star Wars trilogy, wasn't above getting mouthy with Darth Vader when he feared Vader would kill Han Solo by freezing him in carbonite, thereby robbing Boba of the bounty he looked to collect by delivering Solo up to Jabba the Hutt.

Like the other recent unofficial Mandalorian material, this new video offers tantalizing hints without really giving away anything concrete. The most recent bit of tangible news was the revelation that Gina Carano is set to take on a role in the show. Pedro Pascal was also recently reported to be negotiating to play the lead in the series. Carl Weathers too has been named in recent casting rumors. While The Mandalorian continues to shoot, Disney also is reportedly ready to launch another Star Wars streaming series, starring Diego Luna as his Rogue One character Cassian Andor. It remains to be seen what other Star Wars goodness Disney has in store for fans as they prepare to launch Disney+.

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Source: Making Star Wars

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