Taika Waititi Is Now In As Many DC Movies As Marvel

Taika Waititi Green Lantern Thor Korg

Taika Waititi is now an actor in as many DC movies as Marvel. Waititi rose to international fame in 2014 thanks to What We Do In The Shadows, a vampire comedy mockumentary co-written and co-directed by him, in which he also starred as Viago Von Dorna Schmarten Scheden.

In 2017, he joined the MCU by directing Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok (where he also played Korg), regarded as the best installment in the Thor trilogy (soon to be saga). But prior to his career as filmmaker, Waititi took part in various projects as actor, including his own movies like Eagle vs Shark, What We Do In The Shadows, and the coming-of-age drama Boy. Before he joined the MCU, he was part of DC’s superhero world, and has now been in as many movies in DC’s universe as in Marvel’s.

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Back in 2011, Waititi was part of Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular superhero. Waititi played Thomas Kalmaku, an aerospace engineer working at Ferris Aircraft and Hal Jordan’s best friend. His next acting role in a superhero movie was in Thor: Ragnarok, where he played Korg, a Kronan gladiator in Sakaar who was freed by Valkyrie and who later took part in the evacuation of Asgard. Waititi reprised his role as Korg in Avengers: Endgame, where he was shown (to the relief of many) to have survived Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War, and was living with Miek and other Asgardian survivors in New Asgard. He later joined the battle against Thanos’ army and was seen fighting Cull Obsidian. Waititi was recently announced as part of the cast for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad in an undisclosed role, making that two appearances in DC properties and two in Marvel.

Taika Waititi The Suicide Squad

That is, of course, without counting his work as director in the MCU. Waititi not only directed Thor: Ragnarok, but also the short films Team Thor, Team Thor: Part 2, and Team Darryl, as well as the mid-credits scene in Doctor StrangeWaititi is returning to the MCU to direct Thor 4, where he will hopefully play Korg one more time. It’s worth (and fun) noting that he has been part of two different stages of DC’s universe, as Green Lantern and The Suicide Squad are not part of the same Extended Universe.

Waititi is as versatile a director as he is as an actor, and he’s part of a selected group of actors that have been in both DC and Marvel’s universes at some point. It’s yet to be seen if Waititi's role in The Suicide Squad will be via motion capture (like Korg) or not – though if he does appear as he is, it would make a fun distinction as his appearances in the MCU would have all been through mo-cap, and his DC roles will be live-action ones.

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