world war z

World War Z Brad Pitt

World War Z (Recruitment Clip)

The first clip from the upcoming zombie apocalypse thriller 'World War Z' shows Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane being drafted into a desperate mission to stop the world-ending pandemic.

Brad Pitt and his family in World War Z

World War Z (TV Spots)

Paramount has released three new 'World War Z' TV spots, each of which focus on Brad Pitt and his family suddenly having to face the zombie apocalypse.

World War Z (Featurette)

The 'World War Z' featurette has director Marc Forster and star Brad Pitt talking up their blockbuster, but refusing to say what the 'Z' stands for.

World War Z Trailer Poster

World War Z (Trailer #2)

The second 'World War Z' trailer positions the film as a globe-trotting adventure-thriller, not the umpteenth genre zombie flick. Also, check out the new poster!

The trailer for World War Z starring Brad Pitt

World War Z

In the trailer for 'World War Z', Brad Pitt plays a UN worker who must protect his family and help save the world from the zombpocalypse.

Brad Pitt in the trailer for World War Z

World War Z (Trailer Preview)

The trailer preview for 'World War Z' shows Brad Pitt on a race around the globe to stop the zombpocalypse. Does this film look like a winner, despite a troubled production? Judge for yourself.

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