World War Z 2

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David Fincher
Brad Pitt
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Actor Brad Pitt is set to reprise his role as Gerry Lane in the sequel, World War Z 2. After years of waiting and months of speculations, Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO, Jim Gianopulos, has confirmed that the film is in advance development and that David Fincher will be the director. The first movie, World War Z, released in 2013 was directed by Marc Forster.

The franchise is a big screen adaptation of a novel with the same title written by Max Brooks. Gerry is a former United Nations investigator who travels the world to find a cure for the zombie outbreak, but he must first find the source of the virus. The cure he finds does not eliminate the virus, but hides people who inject from those injected with the virus. As the vaccine is distributed, efforts to eliminate the zombies begin.

No other details are given about the upcoming sequel. It popularly believed that production will begin in 2018 and that World War Z 2 will be released in 2019. A supposed plot leak suggests that the story of the second film will take place not long after the final scene of the first movie.

The camouflage vaccine found is said to last for only 36 hours and political tension among different fractions occurs, while efforts to eliminate the zombies are happening. A doctor in Geneva creates an airborne virus that causes zombies to attack each other.

However, before the doctor is able to pass the complete information needed to replicate the virus, he disappears. Even worse, the zombies are becoming immune to the camouflage effects of the previous virus and Gerry has to get to the doctor as soon as he can to save the world again.

Fincher is Pitt’s personal choice for the film. They have previously worked together on Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.