VHS 2 Reviews (2013)

'VHS 2' Review

On the whole, VHS 2 is an improvement on its predecessor in just about every way possible.



The first 'S-VHS' teaser trailer is here and suggests the 'V/H/S' sequel's new directing conglomeration is eager to one up the last group’s grizzly found-footage shorts with more blood and grand-scale kills.

V:H:S 'Amatuer Night'

V/H/S Review

V/H/S is an admirable experiment that is only partially successful, crafted by admirable filmmakers - only some of whom are successful with their chosen approaches to found-footage horror

VHS Red Band Trailer


A group of indie directors put their minds together to create 'V/H/S', a chilling horror movie anthology that could be this year's horror movie breakout hit. Watch the trailer here.