V (2009-2011)

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Written by
Charles Mesure, Christopher Shyer, Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Laura Vandervoort, Logan Huffman, Mark Hildreth, Morena Baccarin, Morris Chestnut, Roark Critchlow, Scott Wolf


Earth has its first encounter with an extraterrestrial race. Calling themselves the Visitors and promoting peace, they seem to be friendly, but their congeniality may be a cover for a malevolent agenda. Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), an FBI agent, discovers a secret about the aliens that threatens the lives of Earthlings, including her teenage son, who sees them as a sign of hope. Meanwhile, Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), already questioning his faith when the Visitors arrive, seeks answers outside his church and finds other dissidents who believe the Vs are not what they claim to be. The ABC series is billed as a reimagining of a 1980s miniseries by the same name.