'Tyrant': Everybody's Got a Plan

Barry and John Tucker begin drafting plans to stage a coup in Abbudin and pull Jamal from the seat of power in 'Tyrant' season 1, episode 8: 'Meet the New Boss.'

'Tyrant': An Unwinnable Game

To save himself, Jamal asks Barry to cross a line and may have wound up creating his greatest enemy in 'Tyrant' season 1, episode 7: 'Preventative Medicine.'

'Tyrant': The Result That Ultimately Matters

After Jamal and Sheik Rashid meet, Barry proves he has more political power than anyone could possibly imagine in 'Tyrant' season 1, episode 6: 'What the World Needs Now.'

'Tyrant' Plays a Dangerous Game

Barry calls upon an old enemy of his father's, hoping to broker peace, in 'Tyrant' season 1, episode 5: 'Hail Mary.'

'Tyrant': Moving an Inch Closer to Trust

Barry presses the government for a non-violent response to a protest, but painful memories bring out everyone's aggression in 'Tyrant' season 1, episode 4: 'Sins of the Father.'

'Tyrant': The World is Watching

Jamal welcomes Barry into a governmental position, but the two brothers soon find themselves at odds with each other in 'Tyrant' season 1, episode 3: 'My Brother's Keeper.'

'Tyrant' Series Premiere Review

FX premieres 'Tyrant' from 'Homeland' creators Gideon Raff and Howard Gordon. Find out if this Middle Eastern-set family drama will turn out to be the network's biggest hit yet.

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