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SR Oscars 2012 Live Chat

Join us tonight @8:00pm EST, as we chat live during the 84th Academy Awards and find out who takes home those coveted Oscars.

VES Awards 2012: The Winners List

Check out the winners at the 2012 VES Awards, which celebrate the achievements in visual effects for movies, TV shows, video games, commercials and more. The biggest winners may surprise you.

SR Underground Ep. 16: 'Summer Movie Leftovers'

In episode 16 of the Screen Rant Underground we chat about 'Star Trek 2' villain troubles, Fox campaigns for Andy Serkis Oscar, the end of Showtime's 'Dexter,' as well as revisit a few of our favorite, and least favorite, summer film releases.

'Transformers' Complete Movie Character Guide

The 'Transformers' movie trilogy is complete, and we've put together a massive character guide listing every Autobot and Decepticon from all three films - 78 robots in disguise!

DVD/Blu-ray Breakdown: September 27, 2011

A couple of big titles hit DVD and Blu-ray this week, including 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' and 'Ben-Hur.' Find out what they have to offer alongside the films themselves in this week's breakdown.

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