top gun

Star Wars 7 (Top Gun Parody)

What if the Millennium Falcon, the First Order's new Tie Fighters, and the Resistance's new X-Wings were the subjects of a Top Gun movie.

10 Favorite Movie Nemesis Team-Ups

To coincide with the release of 'Thor: The Dark World,' we have compiled a list of ten instances where movie nemeses must work together for a common cause.

Director Tony Scott Dead At 68

Tony Scott, the Hollywood director of such films as 'Top Gun', 'Unstoppable' and 'Crimson Tide,' has died at the age of 68.

5 Most Iconic Tom Cruise Characters

In 'Rock of Ages,' Tom Cruise plays an iconic 1980s rock star but in his thirty-year film career, Cruise has played several iconic characters. Here are five of the most memorable.

Movie News Wrap Up: December 11th, 2011

Here's our wrap up of various movie news tidbits we may have missed this week including details on Harrison Ford joining the Jackie Wilson biopic '42' and Tom Cruise talks 'Top Gun 2,' among other stories

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