'The Adventures of Tintin' Early Reviews

We've collected a handful of early reviews for 'The Adventures of Tintin' - Steven Spielberg's CGI adaptation of the classic Hergé comic book character. Find out if 'Tintin' will be worth your time this holiday season.

The Adventures of Tintin (U.S. Trailer)

Check out the full-length U.S. trailer for 'The Adventures of Tintin', which makes the Steve Spielberg film look like an exhilarating and stylish mo-cap animated adventure.

The Adventures of Tintin (UK)

The latest international trailer for 'The Adventures of Tintin' suggests the Steven Spielberg project will be a visually-rich and fun old-fashioned adventure romp.

The Adventures of Tintin (Spanish)

A Spanish-language trailer for 'The Adventures of Tintin' boasts some new footage and teases the film's exciting made-for-3D action sequences.

Comic-Con 2011: Paramount's 'The Adventures of Tin-Tin' Panel

Director Steven Spielberg makes his Comic Con debut to showcase footage from his highly-anticipated CGI adaptation of the fan-favorite children's book, 'The Adventures of Tin-Tin'. Check out our live blog for up to the minute details.

The Adventures of Tintin (International)

The international trailer for 'The Adventures of Tintin' paints the film as being a fun period adventure tale, potentially hindered by its use of the motion-capture technology.

The Adventures of Tintin (Teaser)

The 'Adventures of Tintin' teaser trailer hints at a plot full of mystery, intrigue, and fantastical adventure. But how does the motion-capture animation compare to previous films?

'The Adventures of Tintin' Official Posters

We have two official posters for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's forthcoming motion-capture film 'The Adventures of Tintin,' in anticipation of the trailer's premiere.

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