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Katy Perry, Jonathan Winters, George Lopez, and Anton Yelchin voice The Smurfs

'The Smurfs' Review

The first live-action adaptation of the Peyo comic book to hit the big screen, 'The Smurfs' is sure to be a hit with kids - but will adults also enjoy a nostalgic return trip to Smurf Village? Read our review and find out.

second trailer for the smurfs movie

The Smurfs (Trailer #2)

The second trailer for 'The Smurfs' movie is out - and we're not sure if it's the trailer for a kids film, or a commercial for a lot of the other products and brands. You be the judge.

The Smurfs

The trailer for 'The Smurfs,' starring Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, and Katy Perry, debuts with puns, fart jokes and overused pop culture references.

Spider-Man 4 reboot movie poster

Tuesday Movie Poster Madness

We've got 15 posters for upcoming productions including Spider-Man, Men in Black 3, The Smurfs, The Walking Dead, Priest, Paranormal Activity 2, Arthur Christmas, and Extraterrestrial.

'The Smurfs' Teaser

Prepare to be Smurf'd by the first teaser for 'The Smurfs.' The first look at next summer's animated feature is here - hopefully you're not color blind.

'Smurfs' Set Pics & Videos

The Smurfs film adaptation has been filming in New York City - and now, amateur footage of Gargamel and his faithful pet, Azrael, have emerged.

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