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SR Underground Ep. 17: 'The Sitter'

In episode 17 of the Screen Rant Underground we chat about 'Thor 2' director troubles and the 'G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation' trailer, as well as review David Gordon Green’s latest comedy, 'The Sitter' starring Jonah Hill and Sam Rockwell.

Jonah Hill in 'The Sitter' (Review)

'The Sitter' Review

Movie fans that are expecting The Sitter to deliver an especially memorable trip to the theater may just want to give their own babysitter the night off, and stay home with the kids.

The Sitter Greenband Trailer

The Sitter

The green-band trailer for 'The Sitter,' directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness) and starring Jonah Hill, has hit the internet. Is this the R-rated 'Adventures in Babysitting'?

red band trailer for jonah hill movie the sitter

The Sitter (Red-Band)

'The Sitter' red-band trailer features an unruly Jonah Hill vs. an unruly pack of kids vs. an unruly pair of drug dealers. Hilarity and raunchiness ensue.