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'The Bridge' Season 2 Finale Review

Tensions on both sides of the border mount, as Marco attempts to bring Fausto to justice while Sonya pursues Eleanor in 'The Bridge' season 2 finale.

'The Bridge': Mucho Blowback

As characters dig into one other's pasts, they come to an understanding of who they are now in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 11: 'Beholder'.

'The Bridge': The War is Here

Sonya and Marco try to piece together the whereabouts of Hank, in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 10: 'Eidolon.'

'The Bridge': It's Chopper, Baby

Sonya discovers Marco's past with Galvan, as a move is made to bring down Fausto in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 8: 'Goliath.'

'The Bridge': Business is Not Just Business

The effects of Fausto Galvan's revenge schemes are felt by those working for the cartel, as well as those working against it in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 6: 'Harvest of Souls.'

'The Bridge': Always in the Middle

Marco finds himself playing both sides after an incident at an El Paso bank points to cartel involvement in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 4: 'The Acorn.'

'The Bridge': Metamorphosis

Sonya and Marco search for Eleanor, while Linder and Eva are reunited in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 3: 'Sorrowsworn.'

'The Bridge': Those Stains Won't Come Out

When a body is found in an unusual location, Sonya finds herself working with old partners and new ones in 'The Bridge' season 2, episode 2: 'The Ghost of a Flea'.

'The Bridge' Season 1 Finale Review

Sonya decides she wants to investigate the missing girls of Juárez, while Marco decides his path may lead to something even darker in 'The Bridge' season finale: 'The Crazy Place.'

'The Bridge': Who's In Control Now?

The killer takes Marco to where it all began to punish those he holds responsible in 'The Bridge' episode 11: 'Take the Ride, Pay the Toll.'

'The Bridge': Lie to Me

Marco and Sonya search desperately for Alma, while Gus realizes he's been talking to the killer all along in 'The Bridge' episode 9: 'The Beetle.'

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